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Beginner. Can't Do a Single Chest Dip


So yeah. I'm a beginner, i've been training for like 3 months now, but I can't do a single chest dip. Any suggestions on what to do?


negatives? seems to work for chins :slight_smile:


More suggestions maybe?


keep trying? you'll get it eventually.

or put one foot on a bench near the parallel bars and lower yourself in a controlled negative and then at the bottom position use your foot to help push you back up.

train decline bench a bit maybe?

bench dips?

think it through, its not that hard.


Try different angles on the dip bars, bench dips, get stronger relative to your body weight in general.


This sounds like awesome advice. When learning to do one leg squats having a door frame or something to put a little bit of the weight onto your upper body can help tremendously...this is basically the same idea, use one foot to stabilize yourself and get started out of the bottom of the dip.

Also, try holding yourself up without lowering down for time and try starting from the bottom position if this is possible with your setup.


Assuming you are a very very raw beginner? In which case if you just progress on any other chest and tricep exercises you will become able to do a dip before too long , without any special effort

I don't think it should require special exercises, though if you feel inclined, could certainly do the negatives or assist like others suggested...


Thank you, guys!


i agree with everyone else, but it might be that you're trying it with too large of a range of motion. i find that going to a ninety degree angle with my arms is waaay easier than going down to where my shoulders are near my hands, like gymnasts do. if you are doing this than you could try not going down as far. than as you get good at one depth lower it. but if this isnt the case just go with the above advice. good luck.


I dont know why you are set on doing dips, but just focus on getting strong ALL OVER (Strong chest, shoulders, arms) and the dips will take care of themselves.

If you are dead set on doing dips, start with negatives and partials. Work your way up to doing longer and longer negatives, and for the partials start with 1/4 reps, then work to 1/2 reps, then 3/4 reps and eventually you will be doing full reps.


Armed forces and you cant do a dip?


Most gyms have a dip/pull up assist machine.


Right, I think its called a "gravitron" at my gym. Its basically a pull up and dip station that you kneel on, and then the weight stack works to help you up instead of work against you.

Work your way up on that machine, focus on the negative for 2-4 seconds instead of just plopping down.


Get stronger!!!

Really, just wrap your head around it: "Get stronger!"


jus try using an assistant machine..i had the same problem a while..i used to do high reps on assist machine and attempt an unassisted set every time i used to do dips....and now i can do un-assisted dips.....and add on sum weights on my hip!!


Try using an assist machine as mentioned above or do what most people are suggesting and get stronger overall... During my first few months of getting ready for football I couldn't do any dips either. As I worked out other muscles more and got stronger overall the dips came easier and I was able to start doing it with weight hanging down... Just stick with it


I dont understand why nobody thinks negatives are a good idea since there are the standard for increasing the chin ups....Never did it myself i just got stronger at close grips bp and pushdowns and this is purely out of interest....

I'm currently doing 30kgs + bw for reps. Not saying its anything special here lol but i can do 30 or so in 1 set aswel.