Beginner Bulking Up Program?

Hi Im a teen beginner bber (around 5’9") 117 pounds looking to bulk up like a lot. Im very new so Im not entirely sure how to create a program( didnt help too much). I have 40 pound adjustable dumbbells that i can always but more plates for. I would really appreciate the help and im willing to work. My top goal is to look like lorenzo becker. thanks!

Do you go to a gym or just lift with the dumbells at home?

dumbbells at home

Youre going to need to get more equipment or join a gym.

Then you can look into programs like WS4SB or 531. There is a search engine on the upper right corner of this site.

ok thanks

Google Reg Park Beginner 5x5

[quote]Mr. Frost wrote:
Google Reg Park Beginner 5x5[/quote]

A comparable program totally designed for a beginner is Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Program. The Starting Strength Wiki has the program (actually a few variations on it). The forums here include a long thread on Starting Strength, so searching for it should pull those up.

If you cannot get to a gym, you could probably work for a while without equipment beyond dumbbells, just get used to doing a damn lot of pushups, DB floor/bench presses, DB overhead presses, pullups (either find a bar, use monkey bars at a playground, use a door frame), DB rows, lunges, and such to build a base until you can get into a gym.

So, if you can get to a gym, start with a 5x5 program or Starting Strength. If you cannot possibly get into a gym, say so and people here can maybe point you to info on a good bodyweight and/or dumbbell program.

While the gym is important you need to eat a lot more. 117 lb is not even close to healthy for a 5’9" male and realize Lorenzo Becker has 100 lbs on you.

Before looking into too many programs depending on your experience level I’d say pick Weight Lifting as your elective in school if you’re HS has it. I know all the HS around here offer it as an elective. If possible I know the high schools around here usually let students in before and after school for a while as well. Could even join your school’s weight lifting team.