Beginner - Bulk or Cut?


I’m aware I need to bulk as i have relatively no muscle, however a lot of people seem to suggest cutting until you are lean first so that you can visualize your progression better during the bulk.

Other sources say if you are +15% body fat, you should be cutting. Im sure this is all very dependent on your goals, but is it safe to say I am well above 15% BF?

My plan was to cut until my lower abs were viable and then begin the bulk.

FWIW: training 5 days a week. P/P/L + U/L


That stuff about bf15% applies to someone considering doing AAS cycle. Not u assuming your going the natty route. Just bulk. You can clean bulk and have minimal fat gains. But some fat just comes with the territory. Just eat clean if you want to keep bf low to average. Personally id just eat, not totally sloppy but wouldn’t be worried a whole lot. Calories in being most important right now. Secondly important would be getting on a good workout routine to suit your goals if you haven’t done so already. Finally rest is just about as important as lifting. So eat, lift, rest, repeat!


you’re already lean… unless you personally just WANT to be leaner, I would work on adding muscle right now. Adding more muscle to your frame will make it easier in the future to get leaner anyway. You’ll look like a stick if you cut anymore now.



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Bulk… time to get muscles. Put on some muscle and then think about cut or lose some bf. You are lean enough to bulk up.