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Beginner Bodybuilding Best Tips


Hey, I want to know about the best tips for bodybuilding for a beginner... Hope you will help me...
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


For bodybuilding, i feel the best beginners routine is ICF 5x5.
Make sure your eating enough calories too. Try to gain aleast 1/2 lb a week


Learn how to squat, properly.
What you learn there will carry over to virtually everything else.

  1. Eat good clean quality food 80% of the time. Don’t get caught up in bulking and slamming everything you see. Just eat good and grow. Don’t rely on supplements. A multi, fish oil, and a whey protein source for after training is really all you need as a begginer.

  2. Train the big compound movements in your training first for a while. You need to build up a good solid base. I’m not saying bench and squat heavy like a powerlifter but Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull Ups, and Rows need to take priority over cable flyes and curls. Make sure recovery is on point.

3.Plenty of sleep and good quality sleep.


[quote]emma_wilson wrote:
Hey, I want to know about the best tips for bodybuilding for a beginner… [/quote]
To say this is a vague question is a severe understatement. So I’ll just say:

  • Remember that you’ll be lifting for years, not weeks. Long-term goals are awesome and will help define the bigger picture that your short-term goals will lead towards.

  • Give nutrition the same amount of mental energy and attention that you give training.

  • I’m presuming you’re a girl so, when it comes to lifting, forget that you’re a girl. Do all the big lifts like deadlifts and bench presses with barbells and dumbbells. Lift heavy and lower rep (into the 2-4 rep range) in addition to more moderate rep work. Don’t fall into the trap of lots of machine-based work (for cardio or strength training) or lots of lightweight 15 to 20-rep sets.


To answer a vague request with a broad response: variety and patience :slight_smile:


read 10 dan john articles here especially ‘lessons from Southwood’