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Beginner Bodybuilder


I’m 6’1", 170-175 pounds (it fluctuates). I’m maybe just a little more than 10% BF, but very low muscle mass. My main goal is to get bigger. Everywhere. Any good say, 3-month program recommendations? Also, which supplements would be worth an investment?


where are you at just now in terms of lifting experience?


I’m curious: did you end up running beyond 5/3/1 after asking Jim Wendler about it?

How did that end up working out for you? Was it a type of training you responded well to? That might change things.


waaaaaaaait a minute; I remember you! You’ve asked this same question like ten million times


Dude, are you seriously around 10 percent? That’s quite lean to walk around at and a great starting point if it is so.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: READ some of the god knows how many beginner articles on this site, especially the ones by Christian Thibeaudau.


Oh, son of a bitch. I hate when they do this. Let’s see…

  • 17 threads in the last 14 weeks (yes, I counted) all asking how to train and/or how to gain size.

  • Wendler replied to the guy six times in three different threads about 5/3/1.

  • Thibaudeau gave a 500+ word direct reply about gaining size.(Basically a small blog entry specifically for this guy).


Pay for a coach.

You lack the appropriate skills to plan and execute - this will topple you every single time.

You need to put something on the line (money) so when your stupid ass tries to sabotage itself once again you’ll think twice.

Pay for a coach.


1.Pick a program
2.Do not change the program
3.Do the program
4.Learn along the way what accessory work you prefer ar feel better doing
5.Keep lifting for 10+ years


[quote=“dt79, post:15, topic:212927”]
kingbrady wrote:
Actually over the last month I ran 531 with 5’s PRO and FSL. I went all 4 weeks, the fourth being the reload and reset my TM and started over at “week 1”.

You’re right I do a lot of think, obviously too much. I’m a pretty analytical person, so I overthink everything and I understand I just need to stick to one program.

I’m pretty much just asking the question for opinions on different programs. Because I’m interested. Because I like learning.

Will I ever be a good lifter because of these character qualities I have? Probably not. Probably not better than the guy that just goes to the gym and adds 5 pounds or sets PR for reps every workout. But I like the debates, I like comparing, I like breaking things down.

I’m sorry that’s not what you’re about, I won’t ask questions anymore. [/quote]

I told this to you in a previous thread months ago. It looks like you are still doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome because if you had found something that works, you wouldn’t still be making these threads.

Seriously, you are wasting your time. Just find something else to do that will actually give you returns from the time invested. This is a meathead sport, at least at the beginner level. People with no education in 3rd World Countries can succeed in it when given sufficient nutrition. What do you think is so complicated about lifting heavy shit up and putting them down?


I ran 5/3/1 for 9 weeks. Week 7 was a deload. Loved the frequency, and slow progression and programable assistance work. I still think of this as a strongman program. Absolutely building strength and size and to keep up with the progression. I don’t know if it’s that I need to add more voulume in certain weights but I think I would react stronger to a bodybuilder approach.

I guess I think my goals changed. If I was to be honest, I’m more in a area that I would rather slowly gain 15 pounds of pure muscle than shoot up into the 220’s. I think I’m more in a bodybuilder mindset versus a strength/powerlfter type.


so go lift some weights. All the advice you were given in the other 5 billion threads you’ve started is still relevant.


I am curious what it is you think are different about bodybuilding methods compared to what is in 5/3/1 that will allow you to achieve the results you are after.

9 weeks on 5/3/1 is just enough time to get through 2.5 cycles. I do not feel you spent enough time on the program to assess it’s effectiveness, or get much out of it.


I guess instead of really strictly major compound lifts and the simplest assistance work for me which is bodyweight stuff and rows. I guess more variety/high rep isolation work. Basically, doing bd bench presses from multiple inclines versus just a straight barbell bench.


He He …lolzzz…its funny but so true,…don’t give up until you get victory…


And I also agree with kingbrady… You are totally right. sometimes to achieve big things we need to start from small stuffs… So true…


This sounds like a lot of guessing, but to clarify, you are of the belief that the primary reason 5/3/1 will prevent you from putting on 15lbs of solid muscle is because of a lack of using of different angles on assistance work?


Why not lower your training max and throw in some incline DB presses?

You remind me of a pair that used to lift at my gym. They changed programs OFTEN, always opting for 5-6 day splits from bodybuilding dot com or a similar source. Unfortunately for them, no gains in strength, muscular size or overall body composition were made. They both looked and performed the same in the 18 months or so I knew them but at least they were able to meet one stated goal.

They both said they weren’t worried about strength, just size. Size eluded their grasp, but they were wildly successful in not becoming stronger. They don’t lift at my gym anymore but last I heard they both went on gear. I’m really curious to see how that works out for them.

Anyway it sounds like you’re on to something with your thought process and you are zeroing in on the One Program. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.


Not necessarily. I understand I can setup assistance for my needs. And I’m going to have to train max strength and 531 has been great for me.


Well…this isn’t actually answering my question though.

You have stated your goal as gaining 15lbs of muscle. You have stated that 5/3/1 is not what will help you get your goal. Your belief is that you require a more bodybuilding style approach to get there.

My question would be: what would be the difference between the bodybuilding style approach and 5/3/1 that would allow you to reach your goal of the 15lbs of muscle gain? I mean difference as in mechanically: what would be the actual specific structural difference of a bodybuilding approach program that creates this result versus 5/3/1?

A lot of folks seem to think that I ask rhetorical questions, so I want to clarify that I am not doing that here. I am interested in what you think needs to occur in a program in order for it to achieve this goal, as you have considered 1 program/approach inadequate for it BASED on this reasoning already.


I don’t know why any of you are wasting your time with this tool. He’s just going to come back in a couple of weeks and start another thread saying the same shit as always.

(And I realise that I, too, have now wasted time on this tool, ironically)