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Beginner Back Workout

What is a good beginner back workout. I am looking for a group of exercises that will really work all the muscles in my upper back.

A well rounded program that exercises everything.

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Thank you for that insightful answer… :rofl:

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A good beginner back workout won’t:

Not in isolation anyway, do you know why?

Hitting all of the muscles doesn’t imply isolation… If I said, is there a workout to hit chest and triceps, you might recommend bench press and incline press. Those aren’t isolation exercises, but they hit those muscles.

Ok that’s good, and what I wanted to hear.

A program that has deadlifts, Pull-ups and a horizontal pull/row will work well to put mass on the whole back. Things like loaded carries, Zerchers, back hypers and shrugs can be icing on the cake.


There is no beginner back program.

Not rocket surgery here.

Well rounded program.


I don’t really care what you call it. I was just asking if someone had a good idea on what would be some good exercises to work the back. Call it what you will…

I didn’t call it anything. You did. It’s my answer.

If you want a better answer, ask a better question.

This will work all your back and great overall for beginners…

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You called it a “well rounded program.” What do you mean that you didn’t call it anything? I asked a great question. You know that I am looking for compound basic exercises because I said beginner. I mean, if you are a beginner, you probably didn’t know that, but I assume you are not a beginner. I’m looking for back exercises because I said back. And you know that I am trYing to make sure that I develop my back proportionally because I asked for exercises that would hit all of the upper back muscles. I guess it isnt rocket science… but some people sure make it look that way…

I’ll take a look at these. Thank you!

Hey, look at that.

A well rounded program.

Isn’t every Dan John routine a Special, un-balanced, Specific, intentionally non well rounded routine?

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