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Beginner, Aspiring Physique Competitor. Where to Start?


fair enough, how about fierce 5 then which the progression is only at a weekly pace


Arms lagging can be quickly solved with direct and daily arm work.


fierce 5 has arms work and a weekly progression scheme


Yeah, I looked it up and I think it’s a good program for building a good base. This is a great place to start.

At this stage, start building good habits. Find out what your BMR is, factor in your activity level, and start counting macros. I recommend eating alot of the same items and knowing what their macros are, and how to eyeball/estimate the serving. Measuring would be next level, and something you’ll want to do eventually to get contest ready. Understanding what your caloric needs are during your bulk will help you understand your caloric needs during a cut to get stage ready.


will sure do man thanks


Texas method you add weight every week also and for various reasons I would contend is superior, but whatever, if fierce 5 resonates go do that. -As a beginner anything will work for a while if hit it with serious intensity