Beginner, Aspiring Physique Competitor. Where to Start?

Hi, I’m new here and would want to know where to start. My goal is to become a physique competitor in the future since I like the built their bodies are built. Would a novice routine such as SS/SL necessary to achieve this? or would i just go do a body part split workout?

If you’re a novice, most anything will work, though full body 3x a week seems to be preferable. But once you are ready - or if you’re ever ready - to compete in physique, I highly doubt any legitimate competitors have ever used a novice program while in competition. Don’t worry about the long game right now- get big and strong, and learn how to eat clean. The dieting aspect will be the toughest to overcome.


So for my first year I should do novice then 2nd year would be focusing on building my physique?

I think you should do a novice program with light weights and slow progression until all of your lifts stall, and then switch it up. It really depends how you look right now. Maybe you have great genetics or you’re really strong already - you haven’t told us much about yourself. If you’re like…a beginner beginner - never lifted properly before - get physique out of your head for now and focus on strength, endurance, technique, diet, etc.

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Oh I’m a begginer like never stepped on a gym but just read alot about bodybuilding. So starting strength it is for now. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Perfect, if you start with super super light weights and focus on form nonstop, eat well, and work hard, you may compete one day. It’s a great goal to have - just don’t expect to get there in a year, don’t rush the weights, and don’t spend any time giving a crap what other people think about the amount of weight you’re lifting. Do it right and you can be the strongest person in the gym.

sure will do man, by the way how much should I bulk every week should it be 0.5lbs/week or 1lbs. I’m 5’7 height and 60kg.

I bet there are far more knowledgeable people on here who could give a better answer than I could. I’m a lot taller than you (6’4) but I’m also like 100 pounds heavier than you and I’m in no way fat, so i would definitely prioritize gaining some weight at this point. Worrying about the amount per week is usually an exercise in futility, as you will have to keep adjusting your calories over time, but the general speed of weight gain is up to you and how much you want to eat. The more lean meats, carbs, and fats you take in - the key to growth generally being carbs - the faster you will grow. Potatoes, oatmeal, rice, etc. will get you big. I think Jeremy Buendia competes in the 160s but walks around in the 190s off. Not that you need to be where he’s at but the leading competitor has over 60 lbs of muscle on you, so that’s why I’m saying prioritize getting big for now.

How old are you for clarification?

At 5’7 60kg, I don’t think you should be worried about pacing your bulk.

I’m 5’8 190 and I bulked from 145, and I still feel skinny.

Or lose weight and become a jockey. More money in that.

yeah can do SS for 6-12 weeks/first stall, then move on to texas method or a Dan John program off this site

okay will sure do thanks

21 of age sir

@SOUL_FIGHTER see food diet it is then hahaha

@kaibee hahaha i see what u did there

@RampantBadger is SS not good for six months?

I recommend you do some reading on the novice > intermediate > advanced phenomena and its drawbacks.

This idea has been nicely marketed so other voices get drowned out but it is worth listening to other thoughts on the matter.

where do i find those?

If you’re relatively new, I think you could make good progress off SS or Stronglifts. Personally, I would look for a better program only after you’ve plateaued on this kinda program. At which point, 5/3/1 would be a great idea.

In the meantime, at least build your social circle among stage competitors. Get to know people in your area, go to any shows that you can/follow the competitions, try to get an idea of what you’ll need to work on/train once you’ve put on some mass to work off of.

If I was short and 60kgs Id aim to be a jockey.

Nope. I would say 80% of beginners here report back hitting a wall after 2-3 months. Texas method gets far more consistent results and for much longer. There are tons of other great templates to try here, anything by guys like Waterbury, Wendler, Paul Carter etc all work very well
Also if considering physique SS also leaves stuff like arms lagging

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