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Beginner Asking About Rippetoe

Hi, I was looking at the WS4SB program and now I’m looking at rippetoes. I was wondering which is better for putting on mass and which you guys would recommend. I’m fairly small and people have told me that rippetoes is more for strength and doesn’t really pack on mass. Is this true?

Apologize if this or anything like this has been asked 1000000 times. I’m dumb, a noob, I suck etc yeah yeah but just help me out please. thanks.

When your first starting, if you eat right, you will gain mass by getting stronger and vice versa.

Don’t worry about size at first. Build a foundation, I.E. GET STRONG, then worry about what size you want to be later.

I would do SS, but haven’t really looked into WS4SB.

That foundation is in and out of the gym. Diet & rest are very important.

I’m just hoping I can get a decent build off rippetoes, because then I can go from that to bill stars 5x5. But I also look like shit so thats why I’d like a -decent- amount of mass

I’ll try rippetoes then and see how it goes. thanks

If your super skinny, your going to gain size looking at weights. If your sort of fat, your diet is going to play a huge role.

Just learn form, and take it slow until you start to get in the swing, couple weeks for some, couple days for others. Then load up and lift your ass off.

Good luck, and enjoy.

[quote]Aeden wrote:
I’m fairly small and people have told me that rippetoes is more for strength and doesn’t really pack on mass. Is this true?[/quote]
Very not true.

[i]T-Nation: So it’s a good plan for size, too? I guess calling the book “Starting Size and Strength” would’ve been too long.

Rippetoe: Oh, yeah. The primary effect of our program is muscular bodyweight gain. That’s where our famous gallon of milk a day program comes in. A gallon of whole milk, each day, is our standard recommendation for people who need to gain weight.

And nothing works better than a linear progression on simple barbell exercises, that has you go up in weight every workout, while you’re gaining weight because you’re drinking a gallon of milk a day. I have seen people put on 50 pounds of muscular bodyweight. We do it all the time, and it works beautifully.

I’ll go on record as saying that steroids don’t work as well as this. This program works better for novices than steroids. Absolutely yes.[/i]

Go for it, and start a training log in the Training Log forum. Plenty of guys have used Starting Strength to get bigger and stronger, so you’ll get plenty of feedback as you go.

There’s nothing at all wrong with WSFSB, but Starting Strength is a much better choice for beginners.

Appreciate the reply, I will go make my log!

Thanks I’ll go make a log now

That was such an awesome article.