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Beginner and Supplements

until recently i’ve only been good at working out. i haven’t been watching what i eat and i have never taken any supplements.

after finding T-Nation and reevaluating my goals, i’ve been attempting to change my workout structure and diet

i’ve read about some of the supplements on T-Nation. i first plan on adding protein powder supplement. for beginners, what other supplements would be a good start?

from the description of some of the products here i am thinking of starting with Surge next? is this a good idea?

what other supplements would you recommend? (just because i’m starting out i’d prefer to keep supplements to three or less until i can get my training and diet right)

Before buying a bunch of supplements I would first recommend getting a good understanding of basic nutrition. A good start would be to check out some of John Berardi’s articles; “7 Habits”, “Massive Eating”, etc.

But to answer your question specifically, yes, I think “Surge” would be a good supplement to purchase along with some “Grow” protein powder. Aside from that, a good multivitamin and possibly some creatine and you should have most bases covered.

But heed my advice and learn the basics of good nutrition before going overboard on supplements.

I think personally Surge and creatine should wait, but things like ZMA and Flameout will be beneficial for you now.

As previously stated…

Fish Oil (preferably Flameout)
Protein Powder (preferably Metabolic Drive)

That’s the basics. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to be using the products listed above, regardless of how fine-tuned thier diet is or how much of a beginner they are.