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Beginner AI and PCT Questions

If I see another beginner thread asking ‘do I need to take an AI’, ‘what do I do for PCT’, ‘how do I dose AI’, etc. I am going to punch my computer screen. In the face.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE POSTING FIRST CYCLE QUESTIONS: do some fucking reading! you guys are all posting the exact same shit! Like literally every single day of every single week, there are 5+ beginners asking all the same questions. All you have to do is open the pharma section, read like the first 20-30 threads, and you’ll have any answers you could possibly be looking for.

Keep in mind, there will always be some disagreement among more advanced users about the BEST way to do things, but generally speaking, there will indeed be several options that can work. Like, you won’t see consensus on PCT, but if you read enough responses, you’ll be able to make a good decision.



You definitely beat me to this one, Flip!!! I hate getting on here and reading the same shit every single day… I’m all about sharing ideas and giving feedback…BUT, I am tired of so many idiots asking the same questions after they claim to do research… They want everything to just be handed to them without putting in any effort at all. For any newbies, please take @flipcollar advice before you get on here and get your little fucking feelings hurt because you want to argue with knowledgeable people. Use your fucking brain!!


Just gonna say f you guys


Is this the right place to ask about how many anavar tabs I should be taking for pct? And what exactly is AI? Artificial something? Any feedback would help. Thanks!


I think you guys all know me; I’m not an AAS user, but I drop in here from time to time for the lolz. You would think that guys who claim they’ve done “tons of reading and research” would know more than someone (me) who occasionally pops into the Pharma section for a chuckle, and yet it’s obvious that their “tons of research” didn’t include taking 30 seconds to click into one of the five threads posted in the last week that asked a very similar question.

Tremendous stuff.

I’ve perused lots of different forums and all over the net and people are recommending the old school “Scally protocol” for SERMS which KSMan on this board has said is dangerous.

SERM Dosing Wrong

PCT protocol with SERMS

Amen amen amen