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Beginner Again


Hi eveyone as another newbie to the sight. I used to train every other day bench pressing 80KG, but after an absence of 2 half years 1,m having trouble bench pressing 50KG, have thought about going on the gear again but do not really want to do this. Should I give it time or give up!


give up




I have a question tho, when you were on gear the first time, did you do nothing but bench press?


Read alot. A little spoiler- You won't get too far just bench pressing, and gear will be virtualy useless if you don't know how to lift AND put together a good cycle. Doesn't sound like you are anywhere near that point.

Good luck, have fun, and try not to internaly rotate your humerus.


Pressing 80kgs on gear is shite.

You aren't a newb AGAIN. You're STILL a newb.