Beginner Advice?

Hey everyone

I’m a 26 year old guy from London (UK) looking for advice on how to choose my first cycle. I’ve been training for about 2 years (not involved in any sports) and I wanna go for an oral-only cycle (injecting is not an option).

I’m not looking to gain huge amounts of mass - Ideally, I’d like more definition, better strength and a slight increase in bulk.

The research I’ve done suggests that whilst abol and dbol are the most effective orals, they are very toxic and can lead to serious health problems. I was therefore wondering whether var or tbol would be effective (and which is more effective?)?

Ideally, I’m looking for info on what type of cycle (oral only) I should go for and the corresponding PCT

Any advice would be very welcome

Thanks very much

Abol (Anabol) and Dbol (Dianabol) are… the same thing.

It is clear from your post you know very little about the drugs in question… this is not a problem but you do need to learn - if not to be safe then simply to get the most from the things.

As a starter to help you out… the use of oral only cycles are frowned upon by serious steroid users as they are the more dangerous form of the drug, and many do not give lasting gains.

Methandrostenolone, which used to have the brand name Dianabol, and still has the name Anabol is one of the most common first time oral steroids. It is very effective and increases size and strength phenomenally - most of which is quickly lost soon after however.

The others tend to give comparatively little when used alone, but what is gained is easier to keep (i wont go into the reasons this is true - you can read for yourself on 1001 steroid sites online).

It is always better health and results wise to go for Testosterone injections for a first cycle… and including some form of supplemental testosterone in every cycle will also become quite regular as it is the primary male sex hormone - so more of it feels nice… :wink:

IF you have impenetrable skin then you will need an oral cycle. In that case it is definitely wise to stack for the first time, and stacking class I and class II steroids is the key* (always).

Something like 30mg Dbol and 60mg Var a day for 4-6 weeks… or 30mg Dbol for 4-6 weeks and 4-8 weeks of primo Acetate at 100mg a day.

Drol and winstrol are the same class - but i personally think that if you choose just 50mg drol and 25mg winny… then something like 50mg var wouldn’t be too much in terms of total oral toxicity… and over 4 weeks it is definitely acceptable in risk…

You should have a hormone blood panel, BP and LFT done before hand - it is good to start with good habits.

Read profiles of all the drugs that interest you (google ‘steroid profiles’), then all the others… read some of the more simple articles on * - ones about the drugs main effects and side effects and cycle design, RATHER than the more advanced pharmacology and physiology… and then you will have a good basic knowledge to be able to choose a drug or few drugs for yourself.

The only safe oral I can think of is Primobolan tabs. Be prepared to spend large amount of $$ for the real deal.

here is a link to a site that list many profiles. They give good descriptions and some pics to help identify legit product and packaging.

Can I ask why you do not want to do injections? I was apprenhensive to it myself, but I promise you that it can be done. I am on my first cycle and I had someone help me with the first few. But I have been doing the last three myself. I now laugh at myself at how scared I was at first. Shaky hands and shit. There are some sites online that give pretty good instructions on how to do it and where.

Good luck, and if you go the oral cycle, listen to Brook. He is by far one of the most knowledgeable and helpful on any forum I have been on. Always straight forward…if he likes it he will tell you…if he doesn’t he will tell you it sucks bluntly.