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Beginner Advice on 5x531/BBS Supplemental?

Hello lads. Ive been lurking for a while after buying Mr Wendlers New book which was worth every penny. Having read it all i like the idea of the 5x531 with BBS supplemental over 3 days a week. I have a little bit of OCD going on so i over think everything so the idea of jims full programs appeals to me as theres not to much to think about.

Prior to starting i have a couple of questions that i hope you experienced dudes can help me with to avoid injuring myself if im on the wrong track.

  1. being a beginner lifter abit overweight and 35 yrs young, is this program suitable for me? id like a combination of size and strength so this seems a good fit.

  2. id like to follow jims advice on assistance but again i overthink so much and im wondering could you guys take a look please?


push Dips (would dips be to much after 5x531 bench or am i ok?)
pull DB Rows
ab rofl


push Tri press downs
Pull Chins
Hanging leg raises

Thank you guys

Brett - Wales

Which one of the programs has this setup?

It’s just one of the variations of 5x531 on page 91.

do 5x5/3/1 OR BBS, not both…

Page 91 (in Forever) doesn’t show anything like what you typed.

You’re best bet would be to start off using “beginner prep school” on page 38 or 5/3/1 for beginners which is a program on this site.

The program he is talking about is, in fact, in Forever. Not sure if it is the best choice for a beginner though.

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I see now and stand corrected. I was thinking that he was doing both for same lift per day…

That’s what i was thinking…
To answer the question, with that amount of pressing volume i wouldn’t do dips, maybe only press downs. After few weeks you could move to bigger exercises, if you feel you could benefit from those.