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Beginner Abs Routine (End of Workout)

There are so many ab exercises and “beginner routines” out there it’s tough to really narrow them down to what will work well… So many opinions as to what’s “best” for your abs blah blah…

Anyone have specific go to ab exercises as a quick end of workout routine to help ab gains? I need to start working my abs more.

Maybe something that takes 5 minutes or less which is effective for a few rounds that is challenging and will make progress…

Ab wheel can be very humbling.

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That will work upper and lower at same time right? Will this hit your obliques also?

Ab wheel hits shit you didn’t even know you had lol. The stabilization required for it carries over to all of your major lifts well too. One of those “if I could only do one…” sort of things.

That being said, you can do a circuit of a bunch of things including the ab wheel.

EDIT: the Ben Bruno College article I linked in your other thread has some great ab training ideas to tack onto your workouts.


Ab wheel and leg raises. That is all I do as far as “direct ab work” is concerned.

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I’ll utilize these suggestions and get these abs to work! Thanks!!

abs are easy to work. If you want to just tack on an abs exercise at the end of every session, then alternate between a loaded flexion exercise and some sort of core exercise. So like cable crunches one day, dead bugs the next, or whatever.

Ideally you’d try and avoid becoming too rectus abdominis dominant like most of us bodybuilders are.