Beginner 44 Year Old

I’m just getting back to the gym. I turn 45 next year and it’s about damn time to stop screwing around and get back in shape. I’ve been guilty of being Skinny Fat for most of my life. I have trouble putting on muscle (especially my arms!) but I gain “weight” very easily.

Can you guys recommend some starting programs & meal/food plans? My joints aren’t in great shape but I’m willing to try anything to improve.

I’m not too familiar with supplements other than whey protein. I’ve heard that taking fish oil and glucosamine can help with achey joints.

Just want to get back on the proper path and stop looking like I’m 5 months pregnant (like the majority of my male friends).

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

There are so many ways to skin that cat…

You will find a rich variety of training and nutritional approaches represented on TN. The good news is, given that you’re fairly new to lifting and are significantly overfat, virtually all of the training methods would make you bigger and stronger, and any dietary approach (that produces a net caloric deficit) would lead to a loss of bodyfat. The bad news–no one can tell you in advance which of the myriad training/dieting approaches would work best for YOU.

My $0.02: If you can afford it, consider hiring an online coach to get you started. Because of your reported joint issues, I would recommend John Meadows–I did a training program with him, and really like the joint-friendly way he structures training.

Likewise, he is a very experienced prep coach who teach you the ropes re how to diet effectively. (And for the record, I have no relationship with John other than being a former client, and thus receive no financial benefit by recommending him.) Best of luck reaching your goals.

Get the 5-3-1 e-book. It is a great place to start. It gives you a basic set/rep scheme template; is based around the right lifts; gives some guidance on assistance work and general training strategies; is based on slow steady progress goals; and is popular so you can get help around here if you have any questions. I frequently change training programs around but I usually fall back on 5-3-1 when I get stuck or don’t have something specific I’m woking on.

For diet, I’m going to pass on the advice Fischer gave me when I first logged in.

Start counting your calories, find what you total caloric count for stable is. Aim for that with 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat. Drink 120 oz. of water a day. If you want to put on muscle go a couple hundred calories over it, if you want to lose total weight go a couple hundred calories under. He also recommended a slow 30 minutes of slow steady state cardio to keep the heart pumping and to not. “Easy walking” speed. Cut out alcohol and drugs.

I do well WHEN I follow his advice. I think I’d be happy with my weight if I was consistent.

Also, if you are looking womanly, as you are over 40, get your testosterone and thyroid checked. Get the numbers back, not just a “OK”.

There are a lot of smart people here who can help you. I am more of a smart alec, but I can’t keep my mouth shut… :wink:

First-off Congratulation’s on returning to health and wellness. You mentioned wanting to add muscle to your bicep’s/tricep’s forearm’s etc. I believe and have experienced that muscle is a by-product of a combination of Resistance based exercise,accompanied by a diet high in protein,Healthy fats and a complex carbohydrate.All 3 especially the hi-fat? Did you know? that cholesterol is the precursor to testosterone.When we where young the dr’s told us all fat was bad,fortunarely science now tell’s us that it’s more the High Glycemic carb that is the culprit,as quick sugar rises I nsulin and subsequently suttles extra glucose into our tissue’s. A

s for building one muscle,or sport reducing say your stomach,it’s In my opinion to exercise with 3 main exercises;The squat. The bench and the deadlift:One mayor effect those 3 have is they a hard to do and as a result the human body produces more hormones like HGh.testosterone etc.Also the bench is a great triceps build and the deadlift and a few curl’s will leave you with big arm’s goodluck john

As far as supplements go absolutely get a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement. They are a commodity product at this time so don’t worry about any fancy brand. Should be able to find it for around $10 a month and you should notice improvement within a month.

For muscle building and strength creatine has been proven effective in many studies and is also very cheap and available from multiple sources.