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Beginner 1st Cycle Need Guidance

So I’ve been interested in trying out gear. I’ve been training for 4/5 years. My workout routine is geared towards conditioning and powerlifting. Ive been doing 3 obstacle races a year. Recently I caught the bug for powerlifting, I’ve done 2 meets this year through 100% Raw. Numbers are- Deadlift 385 bench 260ish Strict curl is a lame 118. Always used the basic supps. Bought dmz and Hexadrone and 18/methyl last month. before thst I ran mk677 at 12.5mg for 6 weeks. Yesterday I picked up some test c. I need some help making a workout, diet and dosing routine. I Wanted to know if someone is willing to help me or guide me through this. Alright thank you.

4-5 years and you got up to a 385 deadlift and 260ish bench? And you think roids are gonna help you? God, I sure hope those are kilograms or that this thread is a joke…

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Up untill recently I trained specifically for obstacle course races. I do a lot of cardio like hill sprints,ladder work sled pulls. I just need some help man that’s it

So which is it going to be? Do you want to be a sprinter, powerlifter, or body builder? It’s very hard to be all three because of the nutrition requirements for all.

I’d suggest you modify your training, and diet, for your new specific goals. Pack on some pounds or strength, then reassess steroids after that.

Those are some pretty shit numbers to just say, “hey, I’m going to be a powerlifter tomorrow so I’ll start pinning” when you have absolutely no clue what diet you should have and what training you should be doing.

Before you get into this any deeper… Take my advice and do your own research before you get on here basically asking for someone to do everything for you… Do your research and construct a cycle, diet, and training plan of your own… After that, propose it to everyone. Then you are more likely to get help… As of right now, you are just going to get fucked with. This happens to newbies all the time. The smart ones take the advice, research, and then come back with a plan. They usually will get help on their cycle. The idiots will argue and get defensive even when they don’t know the first thing about a cycle.