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Begining Westside!

I have begun training westside today, and am really excited about getting stronger physically and mentally. I am following a somewhat modified program that will include cleans and a 3 day split. I would appreciate any comments. I will also start posting my logs…

Mon: ME Squat

  1. Goodmorings

  2. Special assistance exercise or traing method: such as rounded back goodmorns for time, cluster sets, or strenght endurace work.

Assistance circuit: strength
A1) Rack lockouts
A2) Manual Glute-hams
A3) Barbell Rows
B1) Power pull complex 2x5
B2) Hanging pikes 4x5

Wed: ME Bench

  1. 2-3 Board press

  2. special assistance ex.

Assistance circuit: Endurance
A1) Decline pro-sup ext.
A2) Dimel dl’s
A3) Face pulls
A4) cable crunch
B1) stiff arm cuban press 2x25
B2) incline shrug 2x25
B3) hammer curls 2x20

Fri: DE squat/bench/clean

  1. Speed circuit
    A1) Clean from pins 8x2 Light->form
    A2) Box squat 8x2 60%
    A3) Speed Bench 9x3

  2. Assistance circuit: Hypertrophy
    A1) Westside Ext. (elbows out)
    (tempo contrast)
    A2) Pull-throughs
    A3) Chin-ups
    B1) Back ext.
    B2) perfect curl
    C) Decline leg raise

I know of the other 3 day splits outlined by DT and over at elitefts but I have decided to try this variation.

Circuit idea is a combination of Big Martins gpp circuits and CW’s ideas…I will probably try to add weight on the strenght, decrease time on endurance and add reps to the hyper and then go the other way…

And of course a lot of this will probably change as I go along.

it looks a lot like the program i use for my wrestlers i work with…i think you will do fine with this program…but after about 4-6 weeks you will need ot make some changes…bm

Thanks bm!

Yeah I plan on changing assistance work every 3 weeks or so and monitor ME work until I begin changing every week…