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Begining Cycle Advice


I am currently 20 years old and am considering starting my first cycle around my 21st birthday. Ive used RPN havoc a couple times and got descent results. I was thinking about using test ethanate and possibly stacking with d-bol. As well as nolvadex and possibly clem.

But the problem is I have high cholesterol and take lipitor. And lipitor can be harsh on the liver.High cholesterol is heredetary and most of my family has it. Any advice would be great.


I dont really recommend the dbol or clen if you have to take something that is already liver toxic.

Besides being a little on the young side, I see no real issues with you using test.


Avoid the dbol. Have some experience myself with it. It will only start the cycle a bit earlier, you know, a kick starter to start things up since test will take a little to kick in properly. As always Arimidex or a similar anti estrogen is best to use after stopping your last shot of test...consider HCG too (pregnyl..) search a little and ask you should be fine.


The problem that I see is the lack of any real knowledge regarding the subject. Fuck, the forums have really taken a shit. Back to my lair I shall go. Only to repost when I'm 245.


No. This is wrong.

Arimidex is not to be used after the last shot of test. Both Arimidex and HCG should be used concurrently with the Test.


Well technically it does depend. I very much believe he doesnt know the proper PCT protocol, but many use an SERM, low dose AI, and HCG.

It slowly tapers down, and is quite effective. Makes the PCT a tad longer, but many like it due to the fact that your not going from on cycle to SERM cold turkey.

so just a heads up, there is a well accepted protocol that involves adex and HCG in the PCT.


Yea I know. I taper my arimidex before starting PCT. But with long esters the arimidex is done with a few days before I start the SERM.

I was merely adressing the

part. I interpreted that as confusion between AI's and SERM's. This confusion is becoming entirely too common lately.