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Beginer or Intermediate

I am going to start a new routine next week after taking this week off. I kind of feel like my old routine was a bit big for my britches. I am thinking of doing the AoW or Rippletoe’s beginers program or something to that effect.

Anyway does anyone have a rule of thumb about development stage like a %strength vs body weight? I am 5’7" 175 lbs. and can bench 260, squat 290, and DL 275.

The bench is the actual 1rm. I don’t have the balls to 1rm the squat and dl. I can probably squat 300 and dl probably close to 3 bills.

If you don’t have the balls to one rep max on squat and dead, you’re a beginner. Especially if your bench is that close to your perceived maxes.

I say this in a “tough love” manner, not to be a dick. Rippitoe is definitely a great place to start. So would a beginner 5X5 by Starr. Both these workouts will give you nice gains in both size and strength.

You asked about ratios to consider for breaking over into that “intermediate” range. Here are some generaizations with nothing set in stone:

Bench: 1.5 X BW (265 for you)
Squat/Dead: 2-2.5 X BW (350-440 for you)

So it looks like you’re good for bench, but you need to get after the squat and dead. Rippitoe will definitely do that for you. If you haven’t been following a good program and haven’t been doing these lifts much, you can be in those ranges in mere months. Good luck in your endeavor.