Begineer: Please rate my program and suggest excercises

Im 19 and joined a commercial gym 2 months ago. I opted for "self -workout" cause the trainer there had excercises that only included smith machines . I didnt feel that was right . I like free weights as they feel more natural .

My workout 1: (Time 1 hr)
Squats-> (2 warmup sets with light weight ) + 4 sets of actual load (7-8 reps)
Deadlift → (1 warmup set with medium weight ) + 3 sets of actual load (5-6 reps)
Tricep pulldown-> 4 sets (x 10)
Wrist curl ->3 sets (x10)

Workout 2 :
flat Dumbell press ->4 x12
Incline dumbell press ->4 x 12
Dumbell Shrugs ->4 x 10
Side laterals ->3 x10
(and some hanging on the bar trying pull ups)

I workout 4 times a week alternating these both routines .

also I have been suggested to add Barbell rows in this workout at a previous thread .

Get on a proven program, either that thread above^ or 5/3/1, WS4SB, starting strength, etc