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Begin to Lift Again

Hello everybody…
I begin to lift again after 2 years pause because of health problems. I’m 19 y.o (I did oly lifts from 12 to 17 y.o).

Now as I begin to lift again, I want to maximize my begginer gains.
I though about Riptoe’s SS but I don’t think that it will give me the optimal hipertrophy as I want. I do not ignore the strength too. I will try to put plates slowly

1*5x5 Full Back Squat
*8/6/4/2 Deathlift
*10/8/6/4 Bent Barbell Rows
*8/6/4 Pull-Ups (+1set to failure Chin-Ups)
*10/8/6 Biceps Barbell Curl
*8/8/6 Hummer curl

2*5x5 Full Back Squat
*8/6/4 Bench press
*10/8/6/4/2 Dips
*10/8/6 Incline bench
*8/6/4/2/ tight grip bench
*10/8/6/4 french press

3*5x5 Full Back Squat + 1Ã??15 Deep Front Squat
*8/6/4 Standing Military Press
*3x8 Standing Front Barbell Raise Over Head
*12/10/8/6 Upright Barbell Row
*10/8/6/4 Shrugs

I will try to add some plates in all movements every week and I would add 10 lbs. to the squat every workout. What I want to ask is if I high up the volume a bit to maximize the gains in the legs…it will be ok or overtraining? I like to mix high-low reps but I do not want to slow down the strength gains which I can see with just 5x5 squat 3x/week. Can I high up the volume of leg work without to cut workouts? How if I add some set of 15-20 squat reps after each of all 3 times I do 5x5? Or high up the volume and cut from 3 to 2 times leg work? Or cut to one high volume leg workout?

What I eat…
*Horse meat (unlimited amount)
*Red meat (not much)
*Pig meat (enough)
*Fish (unlimited amount)
*Chicken meat (unlimited amount)
*Vegetables and fruits (unlimited amount)
*Bulgarian Yogurt (unlimited amount)
*curd (enough)
*Eggs (enough)
*Potatoes (enough)
*White and brown rice (enough)
*Ã??lives (enough)

*TRYBEST (Bulgarian Tribulus)
*Abadjiev’s TTT
*Vitamin B complex

[quote]lifterbg wrote:
I begin to lift again after 2 years pause because of health problems.[/quote]
What kind of health problems?

Are you 100% healthy now and cleared for intense exercise?

Whoa. Did you do competitions? What were your best lifts?

What exactly is your goal?

What’s your current height, weight, and general bodyfat (not percentage, but are you pudgy, kinda lean, pretty ripped, etc.)?

Can you only train three days a week, or can you lift more often?

I’m not sure why you’re doing so much upper body work but only training legs with squats. I’d rather you either use a program designed by a coach (there are tons of articles on this site) or tweak this plan to have one day that’s just lower body work.

That’s a vague diet you listed (“enough”, “unlimited”), but the food choices are solid. Just don’t neglect healthy fats. Most of your protein (chicken and horse) is usually pretty low fat, but fat has a lot of benefits, especially when training for size. Also be sure you’re getting enough total calories.

I suggest weighing yourself once a week (first thing in the morning, without clothes on, before eating or drinking but after using the bathroom). If your bodyweight is increasing each week (presuming you want to add size) and your strength in the gym is improving, you’re on the right track.

*TRYBEST (Bulgarian Tribulus)
*Abadjiev’s TTT
*Vitamin B complex[/quote]
There are very few reasons why a 19 year old should be taking tribulus or other Testosterone boosters. There’s definitely no reason to be taking two different tribulus supplements, unless your previous health problems were specifically hormone-related.

Intoxication of the organism and hernia too.

Yes, sure.

No, I didnt. I just lifted with some oly national lifters in my country, I was serious but never tried on competition.

My lifts were (at 73 kg. bodyweight at age of 17):
Snatch - 130 kg.
Clean & Jerk - 160 kg.
Full back squat - 1RM > 200 kg.
Bench press - 1RM > 140kg.
…now I feel horrible when just think how much weak I am now. I feel like not myself.

To maximize muscle gains (if I got a bit fat…no problem) as a begginer again. I want strength too, but I ask because I cannot train anymore like before and the way I should training already…is not 100% known to me.

Height - 175 cm.
Weight - 65 kg.
Bodyfat - there is some, but not much. I see my abs.

I can how much need. If should, I will more than three days.

I want also to high up my squat strength, that’s why I wrote it as I will do it 3 times in week. That’s what about was my question - it will be good for the gains in the legs or it will high up my strength mostly and I should add more exercises?

Yes, I know about the fats. I eat pig meat too.

No, my health problems werent hormone-related. It’s my habit to drink Tribulus tea (from Tribulus plant, called ‘‘Granny’s teeth’’ in my country) everyday. Its full in our garden and when I see it on hungreds square meters everyday, I cannot skip it. I drink it from the time I know myself when I was kid.
I just try these supplements but not something I take all time. I never gave money before for testosterone boosters…I have it and see it with tons. Just I try how is it.