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I’m doing alright, not really working out for now but reading a lot and walking a decent bit.

Did a CTA (Computed Tomography Angiography) yesterday and think I got positive news, don’t really understand the implications but should by Monday, when I head up your way to see a neurosurgeon. Essentially, the CTA said I didn’t have an aneurysm but had a cerebal varix, which is kind of like a varicose vein, in my brain that was pushing against the trigeminal nerve. So, if that interpretation is correct, I likely have neither a tumor nor an aneurysm but since it is against my nerve and likely causing symptoms, there is still a chance surgery is indicated. A lot of that theory is guesswork on my part though but hoping to come out of this without any major surgery and hopefully get on the PT path soon after that is decided. Still probably have MRIs and CTs coming my way for the foreseeable future.

How’re things up there? Kid doing well?


I’m glad to hear it’s not as bad as you initially anticipated/described, but my fingers are crossed for a good evaluation of the testing that took place buddy. I’m glad you responded to my post.

Little fella is doing great thanks for asking. Getting bigger and learning more every single day. Just a little (but growing) bundle of fun and joy.

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Hey man, hope you’re hanging in there. Be well.

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Thanks man!

Got a neuro appointment tomorrow, a trip across the country for a wedding the day after, then a 8 day work trip in mid January. Probably won’t be back in a groove until after that but actually did a little work today.

30 min peloton
Cable row: 3x10
Pulldown: 3 x 8
Curl and super light db rd superset

Body still feels a bit off but going to try to slowly build my way back into it. Hopefully will have enough info by tomorrow to start trying to get in with a PT


I’ll probably throw up some transformation pics in the next day or so, need some motivation.


Whelp, more questions than answers but I’ve got about 20 labs they’re going to run and an EMG, so hopefully that will point somewhere more specific. In any case, the brain surgery that seemed likely not too long ago seems very very unlikely now. So, that’s a win.

Got some lifting in before ordering Chinese lol

Leg extensions: 130 3 x 10
Leg press: 200 x 20, 290 3 x 10
Pull-ups: 6,5
Tríceps, facepulls

Took about 20 min, better than nothing, still have no plan.


Did a peloton the day before I left for the wedding, had a debaucherous wedding, and a late arrival minus a bag.

Made it to the gym today.

Hammer pulldown: 210 3 x 10
NG pulldown: 100 3 x 12
Dips: -60 x 10, -30 x 10, bw x 7
Straight arm pulldowns, facepulls, tríceps, bíceps

Just throwing things at the wall, felt awful though. Lack of sleep, excess drink and a last minute plane change that moved me out of the exit row all didn’t help.

Super bloated from the trip and just ate 2 bowls of soup and a lot of homemade bread, so my before picture is perfectly rough. Imagine I’ll wake up around 265 tomorrow but should hopefully drop close to 260 within a few days.


@TrainForPain not sure entries are still allowed but, if so, this is my submission.

Edit: realized I was supposed to post 2 so added a back shot



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Sorry to read about your back… I hope you get some answers soon. On the other hand, I loved your photos of Washington! Coincidentally, I was also over there around the same time as you… also hiking… :joy:

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Weighed 263.4 yesterday, calling that my official start weight.

Knocked out 20 min of restorative yoga last night, felt great but the effects are fleeting, hopefully with more consistency that won’t be the case.

Really have no plan for transforming, couple days of lifting, couple days of other stuff (bike, yoga, bw work), eat better?

Knowing myself I’m sure I’ll end up narrowing the goals to some degree but primary goal is just to be in decent shape while dropping below 250, hopefully closer to 240. Should be doable.


Thanks for the sympathy, glad to see you back!

Whereabouts did you end up? Was that your first visit to WA or the PNW? Such a beautiful region

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I was in Seattle for work, but I took a few days for myself to hike at Mt. Rainier and relax in the city for a bit. I hadn’t been in Washington since I visited Seattle for the first time in 2016! The city’s problems are unfortunately even more noticeable, but the area still has the same charm. It was my first time hiking in Washington though. Would love to go back and hike more. I initially wanted to go to the Cascades, but at the end of the day it seemed less feasible for me. I was also a little scared to go there, haha. Maybe I can share some photos of Mt. Rainier in my log.

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Definitely seemed true to me, as well. I spent a few days in the city (hockey game + cap hill) and it was worse than I remembered it, although that may just be because I live in a sleepy neighborhood in the middle of nowhere now. Still love the city though, we were out there again a few weeks later for my partner’s interviews (one in Seattle proper, one in Tacoma), in November and decided against moving back, mostly because of grayness and cost. Denver here we come.

You definitely should the Cascades are magical, I did a canoe trip in 2018 on Ross Lake, stayed out there for almost a week. Absolutely loved it. Totally understand the fright and feasibility aspects, it’s not exactly close and can be quite isolated.

Do it! I want to summit Rainier at some point but have no actual plans for doing so.


Worked out friday, had a decent leg session and knocked out some pullups and abs.

Walked a lot yesterday and ate a bunch of garbage, will hit the gym and/or peloton this afternoon and actually record my work.



Cable row (close): 100, 110, 120 x 10
BB row: 135 3 x 10
Kb curl: 25 2 x 10
Reverse hyper: 50 3 x 10
Rope hammer curl: 50 3 x 10
Lat pulldown (close): 100 2 x 10
Machine curl: 40 x 20

Not an amazing workout but a decent amount of volume, focusing on rep quality over weight.

Few hours later

Peloton 30 min @ 143 watts

Didn’t follow the program, muted the instructor and just rode at a medium-low effort and read a book


Quick chest/tri work

Db bench (slight incline): 40 x 10, 65, 80, 100 x 8
Lateral raise: 15 3 x 12
Triangle pushdown: 60 12,12,10
Triangle face pull: 60 3 x 12

Will get a bit of abs in before the day is done. Diet is coming around slowly, will use Tuesdays as my weekly weigh ins. Except little to no movement this week


Well, I forgot to weigh myself yesterday so I did today.

264.4 for a +1 gain, not too fussed, diet was trash and digestion was too. I’ll shed that and some more by next week.

Got my bloodwork done this morning, took 20+ vials. Felt pretty decent until I went into the gym with too many stimulants and not enough water or food in me.
Was lightheaded and heart was racing but got some work in.

Lying ham curls: 70,90,110 x 10
Lunges: bw x 6, 50 3 x 6
Leg press: 380 3 x 10
Pull-ups: 3 x 6
Wood choppers: 3 x 10

Heart felt a bit explodey at that point, so I bailed. Already feel it in my legs though which is good and a solid indicator of how poorly trained I am atm


Got in a solid back/bi workout this morning.

Straight arm pulldown: 50 3 x 10
Smith bb row: 135 x 10, 225 3 x 8
Seated db curl: 20 x 10, 30 3 x 6
Wide neutral pulldown: 100 3 x 10
Rope hammer curl: 50 3 x 12
Face pulls : 50 2 x 10
Back extension: 3 x 15
Machine preacher curl: 70 x 12,8

Felt better than a few days ago, for sure. Still stiff and tingly but most of my bloodwork is back and I don’t have aids, heavy metal poisoning, diabetes, and probably not Lyme. Woo, I guess?


Got in some chest/shoulder/tris

Wide machine dip: 180 3 x 15
Db low incline bench: 70,85,100 x 8
Seated db shoulder press: 50 3 x 8

Leg raise: 3 x 10

Superset x 3
Facepulls: 50 x 10
Tri overhead: 50 x 10
Lateral raise (machine): 4 x 12

Felt pretty solid overall, this bench’s low incline was more inclined than the previous, so it was a bit tougher. Shoulder press felt good, triceps were a bit shaky on it. Not a bad session.

Finished Napoleon: A Life by Roberts and Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin in the last few days. Both were fanstastic.