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Snuck away from work and got some lifting in, time change was rough this morning and opted for a coffee stop instead of a morning lift, all worked out (ha)

Hammer curls: 25 2 x 10

Bench: 135, 185 x 5, 225 3 x 8
Lateral raise: 15 3 x 15

Triangle pulldown: 3 x 12
Face pull: 3 x 10
Tri overhead: 2 x 6

Took about 20 min in the gym, happy with that. The lateral raises hit me on the last set of bench, was pretty tough but 3 x 8 isn’t bad there for where I’m at


Did a 30 min medium effort peloton yesterday that boomed me so I went back today and did an easy 20 min one. Think I was too stimulated and had too much in the gut yesterday, felt better today.


Got the lumbar MRI results L3-S1 all have some issues. Some bulging/protruding discs, some pinched nerves, some narrowing. Not ideal but pretty much what was expected. Start PT next week, have another neuro appt on the docs and will schedule another neurosurgery consult next week. Wooo. Out of pocket max going to be hit by April at this rate

Going to hit the gym tomorrow for something relatively light



Iso-lateral row (SA): 90 x 8, 135 x 8, 160 x 8, 10

Hammer curl: 20, 25,30 x 8, 40,45 x 5, 25 x 20
DB row: 65 x 10, 80 3 x 8
Seated curl: 25 3 x 8

Lat pulldown: 100 5 x 10

Face pull: 3 x 15, 1 x 10
Rope curl: 60 x 15, 24

Then while watching the trash heap that was Aquaman 2, I did some abs.

Actually did some volume today, felt good back made a bit of noise but really felt bette than it has been the last few weeks, who knows. Will try to it in some solid work tomorrow too.


Biceps and back are both sore from yesterday


Bench: 135, 185 x 10, 225 8,4,8,6
Tri overhead db extension: 40 3 x 10

Seated db shoulder press: 35,40,45,50 x 8

Tri pulldown: 60 3 x 12
Tri overhead: 60 3 x 8
Facepull: 60 3 x 10

Pull-ups: 6

Bench felt weird today, triceps didn’t have much in them and I didn’t have the safeties set up on my second set so bailed early. Extensions shouldn’t have done this much but maybe they did? Also forgot my wrist wraps. In any case did 2 more reps than last week.

Was fully upright for shoulder press, lower back didn’t like that.

Not spectacular but good enough. Will do some core tonight.


30 min peloton @ 143 watts

Read and worked at low zone 2/high 1 for the first half then did a few zone 3 efforts. My zones are all messed up but I definitely am not taking an FTP test anytime soon, so they are what they are. I can ride at a high rpm with low resistance or medium resistance with relatively low pace with my back/hip not complaining but really can’t give much effort without pain at this point.

Core tonight PT tomorrow AM


PT was mostly testing to find problems, got a few small exercises to do for the first week, hoping they help some.

Went to neurosurgeon this morning, no cause for surgery, said PT, pain meds, and injections were all good options. I declined injections, going to let PT run its course then reassess.

Had a few drinks for the lady’s birthday last night, feel all of them.

Abduction: 70,90,110 x 15, 130, 150 x 10
Adduction: 90,110,130 x 10

SL ham curl: 25 x 10, 35 2 x 10
Leg lifts: 1 x 10

Glute bridge: 90 x 10, 180 3 x 8

NG pull-ups: 1 x 10

Was going to do quad extensions but machine was taken, will do PT work tonight and maybe some lunges.


Drove up to Costco then to the boilerroom and got a lift in with @boilerman didn’t accomplish anything spectacular but got some legs and back in.

Hit 335 x 2 on a squat which felt decidedly mediocre but it’s the most of put on a straight bar in probably 10 months, so there’s that.

Was great to meet another member in person and I have to say he’s been holding out on us, he’s got a super cute dog that he doesn’t share nearly enough photos of! @tlgains you’re next to the party


Had a blast dude! Thank you again for stopping by, especially during such a wonderful March day.

Never thought I’d meet up with anybody here, but I’m very happy I did!


Got a long walk in, cleaned the house (guests are staying Thursday to Sunday), and made it to the gym

Bench: 135 x 10, 185, 225, 245, 255, 275 x 5, 285 x 6
Hammer curls: 30 2 x 10

Ng pull-ups: 2 x 5

Assisted dips: -50, -40, -30 x 10
Leg raises: 2 x 10

Tri pulldown: 80 2 x 15
Tri overhead: 80 2 x 10
Facepulls: 80 3 x 12

One of the more solid sessions I’ve had this year, bench felt alright, went heavier than I have in a while, definitely some ground to make up but am going to push volume before going heavy again.


Had more than 10k steps before going in at noon.

Kb lateral raise: 15 2 x 20, 20 2 x 12
Prowler, 1 pull 1 push: 2 plates x 1, 3 plates x 1, 4 plates x 2, 6

Seated db press: 40 x 15, 55,65,75 x 10

Rear delt flies (pec machine): 70,90,100 x 15

Whole body was sore/achy going into this but got in enough shoulder work and got the HR up.


Man those are really some hard times. I’m wishing you all the best!

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I talked to a neurosurgeon sometime last week and they didn’t think I was a surgery candidate which was reassuring. Same thing was said about the cervical spine in November, so I am not super worried about anything at this point. The tingling in the extremities is very distal so that seems to be unrelated to the spine issues, too.

That being said I am in discomfort pretty regularly and my left side is slightly dysfunctional, hopefully PT will be able to resolve that in the next few months.


Did PT yesterday, was mostly stretching the glute and working on core, nothing very intense but it got the lower back and glute burning a bit. Hoping that sticking to the plan will start showing signs in the relatively short term. My buddy who had similar issues to me with his spine got surgery last fall and isn’t super happy with the results, going to get some nerve blocking shots (I didn’t read what that was) done. Shitty for him but reaffirmation that I don’t want to go that route unless absolutely necessary.

Planning on getting a lift and/or peloton in today. Have friends staying at my place from tonight-Sunday so it will be pretty chaotic. Will keep PT work in, at a minimum, and hopefully find a few hours to sneak away for the gym.

Seeing as spinal compression isn’t feeling great right now I think I’m going to try to work my bench/upper back hard, this video seems like a good place to go to for triceps. Will add in some of these movements over the next few weeks.


Stayed at home and did some work with bands, the rack, and the pulley.

Lying face pull: black band 3 x 15

Pull ups: 4 x 5, 1 x 10
2 sets were supinated, used straps for the last 3 sets. Last rep was pretty ugly

Palloff press: red band 4 x 10
2 sets per side

Band pull through: green band 3 x 10

Kneeling woodchopper: black band 4 x 10
2 per side

Face bicep curls: black band 3 x 10

Hammer curls: 45 3 x 10

Band straight arm pulldown: 2 x 10

Decent amount of easy volume, took the back and shoulders a minute to start kicking but once they loosened up things felt okayish.

Will do a bit more PT core work but that will be about it for today, got my 10k steps, time to go clean my car.


@unicornsandrainbows winnie and I are sharing a 1/24 serving of popcorn!


Aw! Pup-corn! She is such a a doll.

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Something is better than nothing!

Abduction: 70 x 15, 110, 130 x 10
Adduction: same

Reverse hyper: 90 3 x 10

Glute bridge: 180 3 x 10

Rolling DB press: 35 x 15, 10, 40 x 10

Glad I got anything at all, should probably workout my quads. Need to do core.


Oof rough weekend on the nutrition and sleep front, ate a ton, drank 4 nights in a row (not super heavily but more than required), smoked a bit.

Hammer curls: 25 3 x 15
JM press: bar 2 x 10, 95 2 x 10

Bench: 135 x 10, 225 2 x 8, 1 x 12
DB row: 60 2 x 15

Chest supported row: 50 x 15, 75 2 x 12
Tri pushdown: 50 x 15, 60 2 x 12

Heart rate was high, breathing was hard, felt rough overall but got in some work. The JM press and my elbows didn’t love one another but was okay with relatively light weight, will try a few other similar exercises to see how my elbows respond and reassess my triceps building plan at that point


So roughly 10 days ago I weighed 260.2, which was slightly lower than I had been weighing but pretty much normal. Woke at 269.6 yesterday as a result of the binge, 266.6 this morning. I assume a few more lbs of bloat will fall off, if i’m not dumb, over the next few days. Hoping to start next week right about 260 again then shed a few more lbs before my trip to New Orleans (late April).

Been doing abs everyday but not logging it, knocked out some stuff and did a 2 minute forearm plank yesterday which wasn’t fun but solid enough.


Lateral db raise: 15, 20 x 15, 25, 30 x 10

Db shoulder press: 30 x 10, 50, 60, 70, 80 x 8

High rope row: 60 3 x 10
Face pulls: 60 3 x 10

Straight pulldown: 60 3 x 10
Rope high curl: 60 3 x 10

Lower back felt a bit iffy on the overhead work but not on anything else, spent a lot of time trying to loosen up between sets of things, didn’t ever get fully there but started feeling okayish during the workout. PT this afternoon.