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Begin Lifting At What Age?


What age do you guys think people should start lifting weights? just curious


Todays day and age YOUNGER the better IMO. Kids no longer help plow feilds, take care of chores that are HARD labor. Id say even as young as 7 or so hell maybe even younger given the RIGHT stimuls. Im not saying lifting one rm's etc but under the bar and ligting for sure. Correct form, Heavy but what they can handle maybe 8 reps and over.

Like to hear other Opinions thats just my initial quick response.


IMO, if the weight is light, and intended for improving health, then 9 or 10. As far as improving strength and gaining size, I'd say 15 or 16. If the child is too young, there aren't the appropriate hormones for it to be beneficial, bones are still growing and are still soft, ect... Just my $.02.


I think kids should play ball and do calisthenics from age 8 until 16. With a base like that they'll be able to pick up any endeavor afterwards.


13...last year sometime around my birthday.


13...I think thats when I started.

But then I'm only 5'6, so it mighta fucked me!


i started when i was 14 to help with sports and i could never gain weight but my lifts went up,i couldnt gain weight till i hit 16.But there are so many fat kids at my school(when i say fat i mean,5ft 180lbs...ew)so i think just running would help starting around 10


I think Martin Rooney said somewhere that between 12-14 for girls and between 14-16 for boys is appropriate to start heavy resistance training. Before that should focus on mastering bodyweight and proper movement mechanics.


I remember hearing from people around the time I started lifting (14) that too much heavy weights (ie: machine leg presses) when you're still growing can fuck up your growth platelets and cause you to stop growing (from a bone structure perspective). Don't flame the shit out of me, I don't put much belief in 'stuff people heard'.

I grew to six feet and my original workout plan was from an old ass Weider book, which had a surprising amount of compound exercises compared to a modern bodybuilding program. Still, I don't see the point of loading the kid up with squats and deadlifts too early on.

Seems like I always throw this one out, but CrossFit could be ideal for a kid younger than 14-16, since you're not necessarily looking to get them huge or develop their 1RM's. CF isn't as retarded as a lot of people here seem to think, and it fits the goals of certain people well... particularly people who want to develop their general fitness and minimize fat. One group that fall into that category, I'd say, are kids and youths.

Please don't crucify me, I still think a kid around the age of 14 can go into a bodybuilding style of working out. I certainly did.


IMO, general physical activity every day and bodyweight exercises between 5-8 years of age depending on the development of the child. Light weights around 13 and a semblence of a bulking type program when the kid hits puberty. I think coordination development is very important from the moment the child is born.

I'm always reminded of that female rock climber (forget her name) who grew up playing with wild monkeys in the trees. The type of physical activity she was exposed to at an early age caused her body to adapt with unusually long and powerful fingers and off-the-charts athleticism.

I say challenge a kid's nervous system consistently and at a very early age.


All that bullshit out of some guy I could use for bowling--who'd a thunk:)

I see no need for any structured weight type workouts before high school. I'm not saying they are good or bad before that--medically. I just see no need. Play kids. Go out and play. And play it all. There is too much specialization these days. Cripes, I know parents who drag their kids around all summer to play HOCKEY.


All the "lifting will make you shrink" stuff is BS. Kids subject they're bodies to enormous amounts of stress playing tackle football, gymnastics and jumping off the swingset.

That said, its not until the kids are teens that they have the hormones to really produce significant gains in size and strength from lifting.



That was my immediate thought, T dosent fully kick in til early teens


YES, on the hormone front and being optimal etc. BUT do guys and gals not makje great gains and reep the benefit of resistance training WELL after there hormones were in optimal ranges.

I say in todays society getting the lil bastages moving any way you can is GOOD. Plus the loads etc promote not hinder bone growth. Were not talking flattening then under 5 plate squats or something.


whenever they are mature enough to follow instructions.

I see nothing wrong in starting kids young with proper instruction if its something they want to do.


i started when i was 11 and it didnt do anything developmentwise.


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