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Begginner that Needs Advice on my Routine


I just started working out for the first time in my life and need advice. Im male, 26, 5'9 and was 173 pounds when i started working out. Im into my third week, and I'm up to 180. The reason why im working out is because i hate the way I look. Im not fat but my upper legs are fat, and i have a little belly. My shoulders are small, and my arms are a joke. My Friends joke that i look like an "A" instead of a "V." I want to get big and strong so im doing a bulking routine. I just want to make sure Im doing it right. I have read just about every article TC has written. Training for newbies, making a routine, nutrition and supplements etc. So here is my routine, i want to make sure its good and im getting everything i can out of the workout.

Sunday: shoulders
dumbell lateral raise 3x10
dumbell raise 3x10
dumbell arnold press 3x10
dumbell Front raise 3x10
Dumbell rear delt row 3x10

Monday: legs and forearms
leg press 3x10
hack squat 3x10
seated leg curl 3x10
seated calf raise 3x10
db palms down curl 3x10
db palms up curl 3x10

Tuesday: Chest
Barbell bench press 3x10
db flat chest press 3x10
db incline press 3x10
cable crossover 3x10

Wendsday: Back and forearms
Barbell bent over row 3x10
cable lat pull down 3x10
db bent over row 3x10
cable seated row 3x10
db palms down curl 3x10
db palms up curl 3x10

Thursday: Biceps/Triceps
EZ bar curl 3x10
DB hammer curl 3x10
EZ bar reverse preacher curl 3x10
cable pull down 3x10
skull crusher 3x10

Friday: rest
Saturday: rest

Sorry for the bore, but is this good? Im definitely getting bigeer in my arms, i feel it. But i just want to make sure im getting the most out of the work out. Also i need advice on ABS. I wanted to know when to do them, how often, and which excercises are the best. Im a very determined person. I want to first get big than get ripped.
Thank you all for your help.


Give these two articles a read, they will help you get a grasp on how to structure your routine. Best of luck.




I have many times, i think i followed the rules pretty well, but just want to make sure
thanx for the reply




im going to give you my routine...as you will probably get zero advice...


Flat BB bench
Incline BB Bench
Db flys
chest dips 3 sets
Standing Calves
Seated Calves


Back squat
Leg Press
Lying hamstring curl
rope crunches
leg raises


Close Grip bench
bb curls
Ez bar tricep extensions
DB Concentration curls
hammer curls


db press
Seated lateral raises
upright row
db rear delt raises
face pulls
DB Shrugs


Wide grip Pull ups 3 sets to failure
V bar pulldowns to sternum
T bar rows or bb rows

always strive to put more weight on the bar...force yourself to eat as much protein as you can everyday....and you should make progress...



get stronger in moderate rep ranges 6-10 maybe (i prefer 4-8 but thats just me) and you are good to go. use public D's routine for 4-6 weeks and then report back. keep in mind, i said 4-6 weeks. if i could bold it, i would. do not hop from routine to routine. keep at it.