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Begginner Again!!


Just recently became a member on T-Nation and thought id say hey. Been lifting again for a couple months after a long time away. Anyway my goals at the moment are just to get back my size and strength I had a couple years ago.Muscle memory has been good to me so far. I had a pretty bad car accident which limits my deads and squats..squats were my favorite also. Im still hitting them just lower weight with more reps than id like, but i have to start some where.
Stats 5 11
242 lbs
Bench-290x8 (did today-have not maxed yet)
BB Military225X9


If you're doing 8 reps with 315 for squats I would say you are pretty easily beyond the beginner stage, time off or not. Pick any good progressive lifting routine, eat right and you'll be back to where you were.


thanks for the comment atg410. I guess compared to where i was a couple years ago it doesn't seem like much. I cant complain thgough man because its all coming back quick.

Off topic but i am having this crazy pain in my right shoulder that is making it hard for me to sleep because i put my arm under my head. i wake up and my right hand is numb and i have a pain that goes through my forearm. My hand also goes numb throughout the day pretty often. i've never experienced this before. Has anyone else had a problem like this? It is messing up my grip for deads and b.b.rows.


Bigger guys with any history of injury to their shoulders (or even a lot of mileage) often have trouble sleeping on their side. You either need to come up with some system of pillows to prop your body up to take weight off of your shoulder or learn to sleep on your back. Your shoulders are telling you something, take it a little slower with the heavy pressing and work on shoulder health. There are a lot of good articles on this site about shoulder maintenance.


Don't sleep on your arm. You compress the nerve and your hand goes numb and doesn't have time to recover until you compress it again at night.

Nothing wrong with using straps for rows either.

Good progress though, keep it up!