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Begginer on the Anabolic Diet


hey guys, fairly new (yeah 148 pounds skinny fat guy ; ; ). i was reading up on the anobolic diet, the main draw for me is the muscle without fat gains that it claims to have on its users....plus it would make things alot more simple instead of monitoring my carbs and stuff.

also i think i am carb sensative in that i usually feel sleepy or really dont get that much energy from them. has anyone tried the anabolic diet?


I’m not sure if anyone here has tried it. Sorry for the sarcasm, but with a simple search you would have found plenty. Many people seem to like it. Your going to need a nice weekend to set aside to read through all that ^. Good luck.


o0o thnks for the link man funny i did a search but i only got the article couldnt really see the thread, really good feedback i think ill try it. one question tho, i searched for the book all over the place and cant seem to find a hard copy of the bodybuilder version


never mind found it!