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Before You Ask Questions

When you pose a question in this thread or Pharma, please be prepared to also lay out your current diet, training, sleep, life, and work stress levels. These are CRUCIAL pieces of the puzzle most of you miss.

Two identical people with two identical protocols with different levels of stress will show WAY different results and responses. So. There it is. Thanks !


Thank. you for your time Doc.

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@NH_Watts it’s really my pleasure to help!

You have fundamentally changed this forum for the better and have helped a lot of people. And you have done this during a very stressful time in your life (pregnant wife, moving, new baby, etc) so just know that it is greatly appreciated. Science aside you are a good person.

Glad you’re here physio

Appreciate your participation here. Thanks.

:muscle::+1: and let’s all remember none of us are perfect and that’s OK.

@charlie12 while I agree no one is perfect, can you explain the relevance of this to what I posted to start this thread ?

Nobody is perfect.

My comment is as relevant as is nhwatts.

Just saying someone’s diet etc may not be perfect. And we can get better.
Message was for all not you specifically.

@charlie12 I dont think he is saying that you have to be perfect, I think he is saying that there may be some glaring inadequacies in your lifestyle that could benefit from reduction or abstinence. You need to be able to baseline people to figure out how to advise them is what I feel he is saying. I don’t think he is looking to judge. I feel like this forum, for the most part, has transcended those tendencies to judge and we are all just here to help each other. We ALWAYS ask for labs and range values so that we can do the same. I think that this is just the next logical step.

Maybe I am misunderstanding you and/or physio and if that’s the case I apologize. Ive been home sick for days reading forums, drinking black coffee, blowing my nose, using my netipot, and trying to not treat myself with treats because I am sick. :wink: I’m off my game!

I totally agree with physio and not sure how what I said came across that he wants perfection.

I digress.

No worries fellows. Let’s move the train…

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feel better.
I inject 10 MG more on Thursday. And I am super alpha for a couple days. Lol. True though

I just started a new protocol with 60mg EOD. I know it won’t do anything for this cold though. Three weeks with this bullshit. Unreal.

@charlie12 let me clarify. I definitely do not expect anyone to be perfect. I do need to see how people live and eat before I can give a total piece of advice. For instance, someone with work stress and a bad relationship who might smoke will almost always have a jacked thyroid / adrenals versus someone who doesn’t. These factors play totally into the ways I set up a plan:protocol. @NH_Watts


I would like to know if you can comment on if supplementing with dhea and pregnenolone is useful while on trt.

Thank you.

@charlie12 only use DHEA if your levels are severely difficent - which if they are indicates adrenal issues. If you eat adequate cholesterol you should not need pregnenolone

This is great info. Thank you!