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Before TRT I Used to Masturbate Every Day, Now


Maybe once a week, if that. And it's not like I don't have sex drive. I'm still resolving e2 levels, but when I do want to masturbate and e2 levels seem good it's like things just don't work the same. It's like HCG can't recreate the need for masturbation. Before it was almost like a "purge" where now I feel like I don't generate enough semen to have the need to purge and it's also nearly impossible to cum. Even with an attractive lady. And when I do both testicles retract where before it was just one of them. Is this just how TRT is or is this something wrong with my protocol? I'm doing 250 iu HCG EOD.


Any labs based on that protocol?


I went through something very similar and I know exactly what you're talking about. I haven't worked it all out yet, but will listen and contribute as I find out more.

And as KSman mentioned, you need to post labs.


I had that happen 5 weeks in after busting a nut every day one way or another... sometimes twice a day.... then blah... I'd start to have sex and I could feel my dick get limp inside my wife's mouth lol but true story..... then I found out my E levels are to high which cause that so I talked to my dr and he gave me a double shot and I had sex just fine later that night... but then 2 days later back to same but I hadn't started the E blocker until now so I'll let u know but if diff check ur E levels


Based on joemromero's reply as well as my issues I've been having dialling in my E2 levels (only recently realized I was a hyper-responder to anastrazole) I'm going to wait and see what things are like at .5mg/week of anastrazole


My last e2 lab I was at 0 when taking .75mg/week. I am now taking .5/week. Wondering how frequently I can retest or should I just decrease dose every couple of weeks until my libido comes back?