Before the Book Template

I don’t want to waste time over-analyzing this but…I wanted to construct a 2x2x2 template with the new ideas i’ve been gathering from Jim. I am thinking something along the lines of this idea.

M- Foam roll/stretch/maybe a long walk
T- Strength

Agile 8
Deadlift 5/3/1 ALT every week
Press FSL 5x5
all supersetted with Push/pull 50-100 reps
Ab/single leg work

Agile 8
Squat 5/3/1 ALT every week
Bench FSL 5x5
all supersetted with push/pull
Ab/Single leg work

W- Mile run/ 100 pushups and 50 pullups

This will cycle TH,F,S and have Sundays off.

Is this a good way to program according to new principles? Would you use the supplemental work in that fashion? I’m excited for the new book but wanted to experiment until then.

any opinions would be appreciated.

The way you have it written is a bit confusing, like you’re doing two lifting sessions Tuesday, but I’m assuming the 2nd block is for Thursday. If that’s the case, the FSL sets are a bit odd there, don’t think I’ve seen things like this before. I get that you’re trying to make it more full-body, but it may make sense to arrange the upper and lower together, rather than the lone FSL for each.

There are some new ideas on how to program things, but that doesn’t mean the old ones are all of a sudden less effective. The 2 day laid out in Beyond for 2x2x2 sounds like it’s been widely used successfully, I would arrange the lifting like that still. I don’t really feel comfortable trying to recommend some other stuff as I’m on Jim’s forum and can’t exactly remember where book stuff stops and forum stuff starts in my mind. If you want a better picture of some of the newer concepts I can’t recommend the forum enough, but just because there’s new stuff don’t devalue what’s been established and earned the program its reputation so far.

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Why not just do one of the seemingly thousands of written programs already out. Stretch, Lift, Sprint is all you need. Honestly, just try what you’ve got written out and see what happens. If it doesn’t work after actually trying it out (a few months) try something else.

Also wanted to add, if you’re trying to get a stronger press, bench or squat I really don’t see this being enough volume for that. If you only did a 5x5 for presses with 65-75% I can’t see how you would add any kind of strength to said lifts.

The basic set up is similar to what Rhodes is doing, however the assistance and the conditioning is different.

On the two days of movement/mobility work we include a variety of different programs to do as well as encouraging 20-30 minutes of aerobic work to facilitate the recovery between sessions.

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Awesome, so I got the programming somewhat down?

As with the movement work is there a sample structure example. Foam roll, static stretch, long walk. etc.