Before Test Cycle Blood Work

Went to the Doctor to have my test checked a little over a month ago and it came back at 373ng/dl(results of 1st test below) I had been up for about 5 hours prior t testing. Decided I would go to the lab and get more bloodworm done 1 hour after waking. I am starting a test cycle with a kick start of P and C then just on to C. Looking at about 500mg a week. In my second test my estridol seems very close to the high normal, should I be concerned while on cycle? Just run an AI from the get go? I have armidex ready, Nolva/Comid/ and HCG for PCT. Anything else on the two tests of concern? I plan on getting bloodworm again in 4 weeks. Thanks

If you decide to run an AI I wouldn’t go crazy from the get go. Crashing your E2 can be brutal. You could keep it on hand or start with a low dose like 1mg a week split bi weekly.

Thanks, I took .25 Adex Fri and Today. I Think I will keep it at .25 3 days a week until I get blood redone or have any signs of high E.