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Before Starting the Green Faces Diet

  1. Seasoning
    What is acceptable for use?
    Spices? Hot sauce? Vinegars? Oils? Based on the rule: “If it’s not green and didn’t have a face, don’t eat it”, only green herbs and green hot sauce is allowable?

I’ve seen some versions of the diet that say oils can be used freely, but didn’t see any mention of oils in the T-Nation article.

  1. Supplements
    What is recommended to take? Fish oil? Multivitamin? BCAA’s allowed?

  2. Fatty Meats
    I love boneless / skinless thighs, steak, 7% ground turkey. It seems too good to be true to be able to eat an abundance of those meats. Will results be more optimal to limit those types to once or twice per day and make lean meats priority?

  3. Whey Protein
    Whey protein is allowed. Isn’t Whey a dairy product? Is there a certain type I should use? Metabolic not allowed because it’s a blend?

Thanks in advance.

Me: female, 44 years old, probably 26% bf

  1. Of course seasoning is fine. Just keep it natural. If it’s in a jar with loads of ingredients, no. Just keep it clean. Chilli peppers instead of hot sauce for example. Lemon juice, lime juice instead of vinegar. But not much, this is glycogen depletion diet. This is a clean up diet.

  2. Dont need them. You eat a lot of vegetables. No need for multis. On that note, no need for multis, ever. Plazma is allowed, but I think it’s because this is TNation after all.

  3. No. Follow diet, give in to the diet, believe in the diet.

  4. Again, you are eating food. You need to stop relying on supplements.

This diet is to get you back to basic. Forget what you know and go for it.


Thank you! I really appreciate the help! :+1:t3:


Hey Jamie.

Would live to hear how you go with the diet.

Results? Mood? Performance?



Ok! I’ll report back. Going to start Monday.


Yes to all really, -everything you suggested is fine.

The main thing/big results come due to cutting out all sugary foods, starchy carbs and junk food etc


Well, it sure will be easier to choke down a bunch of veggies and salad greens with a little oil & vinegar.


The core idea behind the Green Faces plan is to make the diet so ridiculously simple that it’s hard to screw up. Hence the straightforward “has a face or is green” concept.

It make things more simple if you pare things down, but you don’t literally only have to eat those two categories. As far as seasonings, spices, dressings and whatnot, at the very least stick to a “no added calories” rule. I’d suggest just vinegar on salads (or lemon/lime juice like JFG said), but no oil. Since you do have fairly free rein in terms of eating fattier meats, there’s no sense and no need to add more grams of fat on a vegetable dish.

Take whatever supps you normally take. The only recommendation is Plazma before and during workouts. For sure, it breaks the is green/has face rule but the improved workout quality and recovery is worth it. It’s also a recurring source of carbs, removing the need for a dedicated carb-up day and allowing the diet to be followed longer without needing change.

Just like you don’t literally have to follow “green stuff/things with faces”, you don’t literally have to follow “unlimited” amounts. Common sense is great. If you’re the kind of person who can knock back a 32-oz steak and ask for seconds, then restrain yourself, Kobayashi.

I definitely wouldn’t overly focus on lean meats, because your only real sources of calories are proteins and fats. But you can sort of wing it. Eat until you’re mostly full (that’s the old saying anyway. I’m still trying to figure out how that one works). Eating more vegetables in a day than most eat in a week is also going to help you feel full and will sort of autoregulate calories and hunger.

I don’t remember reading or writing that. Outside of workout nutrition, there’s absolutely no need for protein shakes during the day. Dairy is definitely a no-go.



I REALLY appreciate the reply. This is very helpful. Thank you! :+1:


Hi. I’ve started a log to keep track of this process.