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Before Posting Pictures, Read This

So you are considering of posting your pictures?
Here?s a couple of advice, or whatever you?d prefer to call it that you should take heed to before posting your pictures.
Lately there has been numerous posters on the Physique and Performance-forum-section, that has been flamed, trashed and torn to pieces, and heck, with reason they have.

So if you are going to post your pictures, think of the following things…

A) Have you been training for more than 3 years, and made significant changes in your body composition? (E.g. Lost fat, put on muscle, got a boob job done??)

B) What?s my body fat percentage? Oh man, you do not want to ask this question, even if you were holding a shoe, its lame, it?s impossible to tell your body fat percentage from a picture. You can get it tested, if it really interests you that much.

C) Posting pictures of others is NOT funny, even if they are skinny, fat or ugly, and it?s not the point of the forum-section.

D) Please try not to post your before pictures, before you have any after pictures. I mean, what?s the point, more often than not, there doesn?t come up any after pictures anyways.
If you need motivation, think of how much more enjoyable it?ll be to post both your before and after pictures at the same time? When you already HAVE made some changes in your physique.

These are merely some of my thoughts, and which I think some of you will agree to, seeing all the posts lately asking for body fat percentage or if he/she made gains in a whopping 3 months of training experience (and yes, that?s exaggerated, usually its 3 weeks)…(There is a exception to every rule; if a boob job is in question, it?s ok to post pictures even with such a short training experience?)

And just for clarification a couple of examples of good posts and poor posts;


  • You all know this one… The shoe.

? … our own skynny.

? Short time, big changes, doable.


  • No need to say more.

Yours, Leash.

Excellent post! This should be keep at the top of the forum.