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Before Mag 10

I enjoy reading the forum, I live in Canada and having a brutal time finding some Mag 10 “behind the counter”. Several stores sell other prohormones that they keep hidden but no one seems to have Mag 10. Does anyone know of a place?? Also what other prohormone or stacks have you people had success with prior to the Mag 10 craze?? Oh yeah one last thing, how about our olympic hockey teams!!!Go red go!!!

I never had any success before mag-10. I used an EAS andro product a long time ago and that cyclo stuff more recently. Nothing. I’ve put on about 12 solid pounds with two mag-10 cyles though, one dose a day. Canooks can get mag-10 though. Many have posted on the forum that they use it.

Thats right my Canadian friend!!! Gold medal!!! Anyways I ordered two bottles of Mag 10 from an american online source… you can email me for details… they said if its a private package it should make it through customs… Ill let you know if it gets through… although I have heard that people in alberta are havin a hard time.