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Before I buy it

My source is on vacation and I got a hold of some “dude” who sells Equipoise and Tren made by IP(never used their products). What do you guys know about this company and have you use these products? Thanks in advance.

IP has been around for a while and has a solid rep as far as i know. i have used several products with no problems. i think it was his enanthate and dbol that i used.

Great orals some people aren’t comfortable with the BA content in his injectables. Don’t think that should be a problem with the EQ or tren, and the price is usually pretty good.

IP would probably be one of the more counterfeited oils out there. Too many resellers. I like some of his orals, but have never used any of the oils and have heard they can be quite an experience if not prepared… Ouch!

Yeah, ouch. Spook ain’t kiddin. Look for posts on injection pain/IP.