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Before I BLOW....


....a shitload of my hard earned money I want to know if you guys think that these products are worth it:

  1. Elitefts exercsie index squat/deadlift and bench
  2. Elitefts sled pack
  3. Parisi warm up video
  4. Joe Kenn sled video
  5. Pull through handle

Even with the free shipping this is going to cost over $400.
Basically my needs are that I am a personal trainer who is looking to raise his rates next year so I need to take my game up a level.
Any advice?


so you knew that your "game" could be better, but you chose to continue offering your clients less than your best, because it wasn't worth the effort unless you make more money. ok then


I would save your money.


Westside seminar dvd, then the sled pack. The rest you can get worry about once your clients start getting strong.


the parisi warm-up is similar to the warm ups in the Westside for Skinny Bastards 2. Skim through the energy system warm-ups, understand why, and save 50 of your dollars for now. I'd still recomend buying it down the road when you can afford it.


Huh? He's choosing to raise his knowledge level. He's investing in these products to increase what he can offer. Whatever it is you do, I bet you don't invest all of your salary in education and equipment in order to be better at your job.


Joe D used to work for parisi before he went on his own. Just look at his work out or even buy joe's dvd.


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As a personal trainer, you seem to be on the right track...incorporating some of the WSB principles.

Any mention of being a personal trainer will bring some of the usual comments that you received (the second post, I believe). No worries, just keep plugging away and providing a good service.



What items do you currently have in your bag o' tricks? Without knowing this, it's hard to tell if these products are what you should be spending money on.


Everytime I hear someone mention that they are a 'personal trainer' I think of what Sean Connery says to Kevin Coster in 'The Untouchables' after Coster told him he's a treasury officer: "Who would admit to being that who was not."

Personal trainers, as a hard and fast rule, are a JOKE. Years behind the curb of athletic training. Unwilling to ask their 'clients' to do what they really need to do in order to succeed. I know. You are going to tell us all that you 'are different and subscribe to the west side principals and BFS and blah blah blah'. Get a real job.

Here is what you need, buddy. You need a barbell and some weights. You need a squat rack and bench press. Start there. You can now bench, squat, front squat, row, standing press, power clean, deadlift, on and on and on. Wanna do some more? Find a place to chin. Get some bumper plates. Buy chains, bands, a box. Forget all the other shit. Get that stuff and get on the internet and find some programs and try 'em.

Personal trainer? Yeah. Thanks for your advice: Spend more money.


You're wondering if $400 is worth spending to bring your game up and with that your price. You ask a question like that over the internet to people who have no idea about your clientele or your style or ability. Although, with that question, I think I learned a little about all the above.

Please, don't invest the money and move on to something you are more suited to do. "Do you want fries with that" comes to mind.


My fault. You are spot on. There is no need to worry about anything other than those exercises. Just learn how to do them properly and work your balls off. All of that other shit like sleeping, eating, working around or correcting injuries, and motivation is completely overrated. Balls to the wall, baby...for everyone.

Just find a program that was written blindly to a mass population by a personal trainer on the internet. That is the recipe for success.

The fact of the matter is that some trainers suck. Just like some accountants suck. Just like some surgeons suck. I would kind of guess that all trainers, surgeons, and accountants do not suck, though. Trainers tend to get bashed on through these forums because these forums discuss trainer material...understandable. If this was the forums section on WebMD, then I would assume that general practitioners would get bashed on...nature of the game, which I can live with to an extent. Eventually, however, it gets kind of old.

As far as a real job goes...nevermind...I am not even going to bother.



NO! NO! You misudnerstand me, clown. FIND A COACH! Not a 'personal trainer'.