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Before Bed Snack

Any tips on this? I eat cottage cheese and peanut butter… blended. God help me! It’s nutritious, but certainly not delicious.

Oatmeal, milk, protien powder, peanut butter, brown sugar if that is your thing. I haven’t done the accurate math, but estimating using 8 0z milk, 2 tblspoons of peanut butter, one scoop of whey (20grams of protien) and 1 cup of oatmeal, this packs over 400 cals and 40 grams of protien. Definetely not a snack for cutting, but one of the best things I use for bulking. mmm mmm good.

Usually, casien powder is recommended at night because it digests slower than whey. I feel in this mix whey is alright because the oatmeal and fats from the milk and peanut butter will slow the digestion of whey.

i hear you man. i use a blender for my first and last meal of the day and add 1.5 cups of cottage cheese (among other things) to each shake. i like cottage cheese straight up, but i had a hard time with it in shakes until i started adding a little splenda to the mix. and now my quality of life has improved.


ZMA- 30 minutes later:

lofat yogurt while I grill
1lb (at least) of ground beef
whey protein shake



Glass of wine.

[quote]Buoycall wrote:

Yep. Eggs are an excellent evening meal. Plus i like to get alot of veggies in the evening. Broccoli/ green red bell pepper.