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Before Bed Snack

So i’m having a hard time trying to find a snack to eat before i go to bed. Typically at night is when i have my sweet tooth and i try my best to resist it. I have heard cottage cheese is good mixed, but i just can’t seem to stomach it or even eat it because of the texture of it. I’m definately bulking right now so i want something with a sufficient amount of calories. Any suggestions would be recommended.

some peanut butter and some Metabolic Drive.


3 scoops Casein Protein and either some natural PB or Flax oil mixed in…

2 Scoops Metabolic Drive + 1tbsp Natural PB + 1 Serving Greens Plus

That does it for me.

Yah bro what everyone is getting at is you need a slow digesting protein like Casein that will keep you with a steady stream of aminos all night while you sleep! So Either suck it up and eat cottage cheese and natural PB or Get something like Metabolic Drive or Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein!

Cottage Cheese.

Cottage Cheese.

I’ve tried some Metabolic Drive before with peanut butter and milk 30 min to an hour before bed and i have a hard time falling asleep. It’s not that i feel like throwing up, when i lay down it just feels like things are unsettled. I know it can’t be the peanut butter or milk because i have a good amount of that throughout the day.

I’m having Greek yogurt mixed with cherries and walnuts at the moment.

Greek yogurt? How is that? Never seen that at a grocery store before.

I always have my Protein “Pudding” (as I call it). Basically its just yogurt, Metabolic Drive, milled flax seed, and natural peanut butter. Good stuff!


defenitly need to have casien before bed. and if you dont like the cottage cheese or cant manage to eat it try a hand full of almonds or you can have 2 tsp. NP like the rest said

[quote]Zelazo wrote:
Cottage Cheese.[/quote]

Try is with splenia and cinnamon, makes a nice desert treat…