Before Bed Snack, No Cottage Cheese

I used to blend Cottage cheese, protein powder, PB and flax.

However Cottage cheese is VERY high in salt and not good for my Blood Pressure and heart condition.

Any other ideas for a good before bed snack?


Best protein shake I’ve ever had:

First put a handful of walnuts, a little flax seed, and little cinnamon into your blender. Get it to where the walnuts are as small as you can get them.

Put a couple spoonfuls of pure pumpkin, some Grow! Whey, and milk in. Mix

You’ll have to mess around with the quantities. Makes for a good, slow digesting protein shake - perfect for right before bed.

I was out of ideas so I just ate PB toast. But shake sounds good. I usually eat my eggs in the AM.

you should get micellar casein or a protein mix that contains mostly casein protein. add some kind of fat (cream, oil).

i’m sure you can find one without too much sodium.

I use a sieve and rince the cottage cheese, I probably loose a good amount of protein from the cottage juice, but the remaining cheese doesn’t taste of salt anymore. ( I was using too much sweetner to make my whey-cottage cheese shakes to deal with the salt.)

If I eat it on its own, I sometimes put some salt back in…better texture, less taste, less salt.

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[quote]hit the gym wrote:
I was out of ideas so I just ate PB toast. But shake sounds good. I usually eat my eggs in the AM.[/quote]

Then eat them in the PM, too. Peanut butter toast is not a “high protein” food.

If you don’t have a protein shake with micellar casein, then whole food is your best bet - Whole eggs, chicken, beef, salmon - get some protein and fat, add in some green vegetables to further slow down absorption, and go to sleep.

Steak takes a while to digest and will probably suit your needs.

Pumpkin pie.

No seriously. You have to make two changes:

  1. No crust
  2. Use sugar substitute

For 1/4 pie, my recipe comes out as 270 calories 19g Protein, and the insulin effect is extremely mild. It tastes great and it’s good for you, what’s not to like?

Pork is very slow digesting.

Also you can gte low salt CC, or rinse the salt (and you’ll remove some whey and carbs) from regular CC.

Or buy casein powder.