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Before Bed Q


Hey gang,

Heres what I'm doing b4 bed. ZMA about 30 mins before bed on an empty stomach. Waiting 10 minutes, then a couple hundred grams of creamed cottage cheese, wait another 15 or 20, then hit the sack...

My Q is, how long do I need to wait after the ZMA is down the hatch? Will it all empty from my stomach in 5 minutes or what?

I also wonder if I should skip the cheese since its got calcium which competes with the zinc... I'm just outa calcium cassienate right now.



Your over thinking this. I take my ZMA with 2 or 3 scoops of Metabolic Drive an hour before bed and never had any problem.


I'd wait more like 30 mins.


Probably no problem, but with that much calcium in the Metabolic Drive, you're not absorbing as much of the ZMA as you could be. Kind of wasting money IMO.


I've never seen any difference in taking ZMA with my protein shake or taking it an hour or so after.


Subtitute the cottage cheese for a meat source like chicken or a less lean meat like beef. Add some oils, a fibrous carb source. That way the ZMA problem with calcium dissapears.

Cottage cheese is low calorie though, cheap and easy to chow down on. Higher biological value than tissue protein sources though. But the meat/fat and fibrous carbs will not be hurrying through the digestive system either.


Just because youve never noticed a difference doesn't mean it isnt happening. Theres some pretty solid research behind the fact calcium SEVERLY inhibits the absorbtion of minerals, specifically zinc.

Give ZMA 45 min to digest.


Fiber will mess up with absorbtion of vitamins and minerals like ZMA as well.

Take ZMA either on an empty stomach or with a protein/fat meal only. Stay away from both calcium and fiber like the plague.


Your fibre info is conjecture. Read the facts.

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Your sources are all 10 to 15 years old. Its a pretty common fact nowadays that multivitamins and minerals get binded up in fiber filled meals.


Present them then.


In what way does that timeframe change the results? i haven't read any of the papers, but assuming solid methods and correct error analysis, data from 10 years ago should hold. either that or we evolve mighty fast!


I take my ZMA. Then 45 minutes later I prepare my shake. That way I am usually through with my shake right around an hour after I took the ZMA. This seems to work fine for me.

16 ounces Hood
1-2 scoops Grow!
2 tablespoons of milled flax seed



Read Tc's article and threw the thread.