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Before Bed Nutrition


Is a cup of low fat milk and 3 flax caplets a good before bed meal? Does any one else have any other suggestions (besides a ceasin protein supplement)?


why besides casein?...thats really the best way to go.


Are you cutting or bulking?


No access to casein.... I'm currently in the offseason for hockey. So I'm trying to only put on lean mass.


Used to cottage cheese and peanut butter. That works fairly well.


Although we don't have cows in Ontario (which explains the lack of access to casein), you could just use lean meat and healthy fat before bed.

Polar bear liver is another good choice (but you have to eat the whole thing at one sitting).


I often eat 3 whole eggs with some extra egg whites, then eat a few of tbs natural peanut butter. If I'm still gaining I will add two pieces of toast, which is somewhat unconventional c'ause it's a p+f+c meal, but I'm an ecto so that's o.k. and eating more fat than that makes me feel sick.


LOL... I do have access to it... sorry I shoulda said I don't wanna spend the money. By the way... the best ontario bulking meal consists of moose meat and more moose meat.


Not just Ontario.