Before Bed Meal?


My last meal of the day as of now is usually around 8pm. I tend to go to bed at around midnight and find myself starving before I sleep. I’m on a fatloss phase right now and was wondering what the best foods to eat before bed time are?


Try a slow digesting protein like cottage cheese.

[quote]Polish Rifle wrote:
Try a slow digesting protein like cottage cheese.


yup, or a Metabolic Drive shake


Yeah, good advice with the slow digesting protein from cottage cheese or Metabolic Drive.

Why not eat for FOUR hours before bed? You’re not going to be eating for a long ass time until you wake up, as it is. I usually eat my last meal (usually a Metabolic Drive shake with a little bit of natty PB) about 45 minutes before I end up going to bed. Sometimes even sooner, and I’ve still been losing fat.

If you’re hungry before you even go to bed, why not split your last meal up into two “servings” and eat one at 8pm, and then the next one at 10-10:30 PM, that’ll give you the same amount of calories, with more satiety towards the end of the day.

As far as the topic goes: cheese. Or casein shake.
And definitely not 4 FUCKING HOURS before bed. By the time you’ll lay down, you’ll be in a catabolic state. Which over time translates into “good bye muscles, hello fat and slower metabolism”

4 fucking hours?

jesus fucking christ!!!