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Before and After ...

3 years later 70lbs of LBM went from 140 to 210 lbs DC Training 21yrs old

Before Back:

After Back:

Before front double biceps:

After front double biceps:

Recent Picture of Legs:

Recent Picture of Side Chest left:

Side Chest Right:

Side triceps:

90lb hammer curl:

Flexing in the gym:

DC Training Dead lifts 455lbs:

DC Training db shoulder press 85lbs:

Sorry about my previous post the forum was being retarded! Here is a lot more pictures for you to rate. DC and Mad Cow training has been my bread and butter for a lot of lean mass. The 350-400g protein and 3500-4000cal diet has contributed a lot as well! thanks for your posts and advice!


lol you did it again. Take your time, seems like you may actually have something to rate

You can only post one picture at a time, bro.