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Before Anastrozole, Trying Other Techniques


My estradiol level was 63 . Before starting Anastrozole ( btw I would have to source it from an underground chemical supplier - which is another reason I want to delay using ) I am going to try splitting my 100mg Test C dose from once a week to twice 50mg . I am going to add some DIM , grape seed extract , resvertol , vit D , zinc , selenium , omega 3 - I will let you know how it goes .


I heard optizinc taken 100 mg to 150 mg a day was a powerful aromataze inhibitor, keep us updated on how it goes.


5th day into new techniques - positive results all around ! Harder muscles , fat loss , good pumps at gym , nocturnal wood , no ED ! . Hope the plan works long term , but it feels like a great start


Going to add red clover and bladderwrack seaweed to the mix .


About 2 weeks into supps - Skipped the bladder wrack for now ( not to keen on going to high on iodine ) - added a small bit of androgel on alternet injection days . The supps feel like they are working , maybe too good ( lol ) . But it is hard to tell from extra low estrodiol to extra high - except for the ED . But since my ED went away a few weeks now and my pumps at gym are hard I can speculate my estrodiol is lower but not too low - the reason I say it may be too low is my mood is low and I have been more down lately ( but I have a long history of periodic depression and it usually flares up in fall ) . All in all I feel my estrodiol feels lower and I feel better then before supps .


Zinc cannot do much and taking large amounts can make one unable to properly absorb other minerals such as copper.


Many articles on zinc as AI out there . Correct about high levels of zinc depleting other minerals and vitamins . Alot of the articles on supplements are non conclusive and theory based . I choose these specific supps after researching which ones were MOST LIKELY to be an AI .


Still feeling great . Btw I added androgel twice a week on off injection days. My thoughts were to boost my DHT a bit and raise my libido . Also it will add a bit of T on the off injection days . Since my T level is 560 while on 100mg week - I have a lot of room to go up and not go out of range .


Feeling good , more muscular , BUT getting some ED - so I decided to add a bit of liquid anastrozole - about .5 mg per week to start along with supps .


Please post labs when you feel better.


Probably will not get labs done for month or so but for the record I fell pretty good except for the ED


Btw in June my DHEA s was 68 - ( range is 55-700 ) I am going to add 50mg micronized DHEA daily - I had my DHEA level in the 800s doing 100mg oral supps a few years ago so I know I can absorb it .


Nevermind on DHEA - It converts to estrogen and can't be controlled with an AI . More trouble than it is worth for me so I will avoid DHEA.


I researched the Testosterone conversion chart and it looks like DHEA actually does have to convert to E via aromatase enzyme . I have been using the DHEA cream along with a tube of androgel 2x week along with 60mg Test C injections 2x week . Over all I have felt pretty good energy levels and my fat loss is great .

Muscle gains are good . libido is good . Morning and nocturnal wood . ED is hit or miss but mostly improving - some sex days I am like a porn star , some times failure to fully get hard . I ADDED ANASTROZOLE liquid from a research chemical site - 1mg per week for last 2 weeks . My nipples are no longer sensitive .

I upped dose of Anastrozole to 1.5mg per week - getting labs done in 4 days . Overall I speculate the natural supplements I take for AI helped a bit but not enough , but this is just a guess .


I do not see any direct DHEA-->E2 pathway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Steroidogenesis.svg

Most do not have any DHEA--E2 issues. Not known if that happens in the adrenals or peripheral tissue. There really are many situations where one can be different from the "norm".


The path is indirect - first goes to andro then either T or E via aromatase