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Before & After

birthday pics - 52 yrs old


(before pic on left from about 18 mos ago)

Awesome change!

Don’t ever stop, it only gets better!

Whatever routine you’re following has definitely worked. Great accomplishment and keep it up.

Wow! Great progress!

Dow put on some decent pants! lol

Amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. Good job

Awesome Transformation! Can you give us a little write up about diet and routine? Would be a good read to hear howyou did it!

Great Job!

Why’d that young feller color his hair all gray in the second picture?

Fantastic job! Keep up the great work!


Great transformation. Congrats on seeing all your hard work pay off.

Also gotta say you managed to avoid the “loose skin” thing, Pretty difficult for us guys in our 50’s. DOUBLE CONGRATS on that.

Awesome man…congrats!!

Right on, a 52 year old badass!