Before/After T-Nation

no legs as you can see because they aren’t even worth showing



no back either cause its not worth mentioning, no body building, no olympic lifts, no cutting/bulking, just intensive circuit training along with full body stabilization training and full body explosive conditioning such as cable training and med ball exercises. keep workouts under 50 minutes, do stretching and foam rolling, get ESAs, complete proteins, and complex carbs yada yada its all on this site.

this is the work of primarily standing on a half rubber ball thing (forget the name)(on the black plastic side not the rubber, single leg only) and doing cable rotational exercises and dumbell work (5-25lbs). I know not your typical physique workout but this thing with the half ball works incredibly well with getting your lower erector spinalis activated and all of your core muscles.

Just getting 8 pound weights and doing a single leg squat and then right up to and overhead press on the reverse side of a half ball thing, gets insane results similar to olympic lifts, but none of the hormonal activity and size increases going on, but more of the deep core muscles do get activated and worked.

Maybe you should try actually lifting some weight.

this is as bad as your first RMP thread.