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Before & After - Home Gym


I am long-time lurker (I posted a few times under an old login, but very infrequently). I can still remember the first post I read by Phill as he was kindly giving away an old piece of equipment (it seems like we all remember “our first”). I have often wanted to post a response to many of the threads, but don’t have a lot to add to most of them as my training itself is very infrequent. It is my husband who trains and as I like to share in his interests, I started reading this site too.

I am home nursing an ankle injury and thought I would post some pics of the home gym we put together in our former house. I don’t have access to T-cell but saw a recent thread about putting together a home gym and it inspired me to come out of lurking mode.

My husband could care less about what his setup looks like as long as it has the equipment he wants. However, I did care and wanted to give him a really cool place to work out in. It took over three years to finish saving money for all the equipment and fixing the place up. The month after we finished painting the last wall, we got transferred overseas. Sold the house and luckily brought most the equipment with us. The current basement doesn’t look as “pretty” but that’s ok.

What really made this room cool was the ceiling and the floor. We painted the ceiling completely black and then on the floor we used a high gloss epoxy paint. Of course my husband is very happy to have the power rack.

I will probably come out of lurking a bit more often as my husband is encouraging me to start lifting more regularly.

I am going to try post seven pics. Hope they all load.







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  1. You are the coolest wife ever.
  2. The gym looks amazing, you have all the basic tools required for a good workout.
  3. Loving the GHR machine.

All the good ones are married…

Nice work on the Home Gym. And I second the kudos on the GHR machine.

That is amazing!! Your house resale value will be through the roof now that you’ve done this.

That was ahelluva renovation. Very nice.

Thanks guys. I like to consider myself a cool wife. I am particularly proud of what we did in the house since it was huge effort over the course of a couple of years. It would have been one thing if I told my husband, “ok if you want a home gym, it has to look good and here is what you have to do!” Instead, I play a very active part in the remodeling efforts especially the damn ceiling. At first we used a sprayer but there was so much bounce back that only half of it ended up painted. My husband had no patience for doing it by hand, but I did. In fact, he got a bit irritated because I wanted to make him wait to put up the power rack until I was done with the ceiling. That didn’t fly. So we put up the power rack and I took my time painting the other half while we saved for more equipment. There were times I used a tiny artist’s brush to touch up any white spots. It was a labor of love to say the least.

We had to put up new walls as the mirrors wouldn’t hold on the flimsy paneling. I really wanted someone at Home Depot to ask us what we were doing with all those mirrors because I was ready to answer “they are for our bedroom of course.” No one did!

In the end what we did to the basement did help sell the house. It would make a perfect room for a pool table, large screen TV, etc.

But I will say it doesn’t matter what the room looks like. It is whether you put your time in. I am proud to say my husband lifts 5 days a week. It has more than paid for itself in comparison to a commercial membership.

Lastly, if you guys are looking to order equipment, I can’t say enough about Elite and Williams Strength (in North Carolina). Williams shortened the Lat Machine for us so it would fit in a home basement (yet without compromising the full range of motion). You will get quality stuff from both places.

I would post a pic I have of me trying a set on the GHR and doing some sled pulling, but perhaps another time!

That set-up rocks.

You rock.

Your husband rocks.

I’m coming over to workout in your basement. I’ll bring some hard boiled eggs and diet pepsi.

I’m just kidding about the coming over to your house to workout part. But I could still bring you some hard boiled eggs and diet pepsi.

Hell yeah… awesome setup!

Very, very nice. Do you have a sister?

  1. Holy crap.

  2. I wonder what would happen if you turned the treadmill on full-blast with those exercise balls and foam rollers on it.

Sweet set-up!

Love the GHR! I just ordered one myself.

Did you also get an Elite Power rack?

Anymore pics and updates?

This picture adequately sums up my feelings on this matter;

absolutely awesome! I see someone is bringin eggs and diet pepsi, I’ll bring y’all some homemade sweet tea!