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Before & after Androsol cycle with pics.


The pic for the second cycle will come later.

Please give me your comment & what I need to improve.

Thank to T-mag and all the T-man !

Those are very impressive lean mass gains bro. Bet you could pack on some more size with Mag-10 when it finally gets here. Keep up the good work.

Thank for your comment
I will maybe do a FatFastDiet on December because I’m planning to go at Miami with friends january & I want look REALLY great(I will take pic before-after also).But I keep on volume training for the moment.

Salut Byp0, ca va? je regardé tes photos et bon travail mon gar. tu vien dou? tu dit que tu vien de quebec mais ou? moi, je suis a T-R mais je vien dalberta. je suis ici depuis 2 mois et japprend le francais bien je crois. mais cest tout pour mainteneant. Salut.

Eh Big!
Ca va? J’trouve tes resultat sont pas mal bon. Continue a faire ce que tu fais. En passant. J’ai une petite question. Ou as tu achete Andro aux quebec?

Byp0,I love your arms and delts, huge potential there man! Those are really good gains, but do I see a mild case of gyno on your 171 picture? Anyway, good job,keep up the good work, and update us with more pictures.

Draz, just curious about your comment on the gyno. In the pic, his nipples look squished. Is this a sign you saw for gyno? I don’t have this look myself but see others that do. Just Curious.

Compare the 171 and 167lbs pictures,and you’ll notice the difference in his nipples. On 171 picture, his nips are pointing down.It maybe skin, ordinary fat or something else, but it did remind me of very mild gyno the first time I saw it.

You did 2months on andro? What protocol did you use?

Salut cunning linguist, Merci du commentaire ! :slight_smile: Je vient de Rimouski, je déménage à Montreal l’an prochain pour aller au HEC. En passant Ton francais est parfait (À l’écrit)Bonne journée !

Salut Roman: Appel le gars de renegadenutrition.com . Sur le site web l’androsol n’y est pas, tu doit le demander. Bonne journée.

Hi draz, Thank'x for your comments. I love y arm me too hehe :). I don't think taht i was Gyno. I think taht it's my lower peck who is not very big. I work on it. But how can I know if it's gyno? I don't have pain and hardness on the nipple. Also watch the pic at 167 (it's after the pic at 171 & my nipple look good.

Thank to all.
Anyone have WWW where can I find some pic of guy like me and you ?

Also, anyone can say me what to do with my big stretchmarks (you can see this on the picture 167lbs).


Hi Knuckledragger , I did 2X ~2week cycle. look the dates.

Nah, that’s not gyno. Men have storage areas of fat right at the tit area. If you’ve been overweight in the past sometimes you still have a little pocket of fat there. Same with oblique area of course. Gyno is not fat. I hear alot of guys talk about their “gyno”, yet had no pain, no hardness etc. I always have to tell them it’s not gyno, just fat. Remember folks, gyno hurts like a mother!

Thank TEK for the information.
(Ps I never was big before)

Byp0,you can see some of my pics at http://axy.purger.com/crazyvet/ , but please keep in mind that I am not a real bodybuilder, but rather a Tsatsouline/Davies/Tate type of guy who wants to look good.Anyway,I am the guy in the middle in group photos (in those pics I am 167@5’7).I would like to hear your opinion, and everybody else’s for that matter.

Thanks for directing me towards renegadenutrition.com. I’ll give it a try :wink:

Hi draz, you really loog good. Your shoulder & your arm look very cool hehe. The first guy on the pic is a real monster hehe ! He is so BIG !
Since how many time you train ?

Ok first things first…no, as TEK said, that is not gyno. Gyno is usually preceeded by itchy and sore nipples. Usually the nipple is swollen 2-3 times larger than normal and you can feel lumps under it. Another test is to raise your arms overhead and look for any swelling or formations under and around the nipple area. Ok, second, you really need to focus on your chest now before it gets left behind. After looking at your pics, I suggest for the next six weeks to focus on a chest program in this order: Decline barbell or dumbell bench, dips, incline flyes. Your lower chest needs a little push for now. I might even be so bold as to say to stay on this program for longer until your lower chest area looks fuller, but not at the total sacrafice of your upper chest. For a change after six weeks, you could also do pec deck before your declines.

Byp0,I’ve been training for quite some time (5 years or something like that,who would count), and I tried everything from Weider,HIT, powerlifting,King, kykokushin karate etc. A little bit of everything really. I plan to do occasional thai box training with that huge guy in the photo (he is a thai boxer), and second generation of Ian’s upper body program.

Hey good physique improvement my man! I just wanted to point out something but am not trying to be critical. It appears as if your alignment is off (one shoulder sits higher than the other, the right shoulder and arm are more developed, and one hip appears higher than the other). You can address this now while you’re still young by focusing on your posture, stretching and pay very special attention to your postural alignment when lifting. It will save you injuries in the long run.