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Is beer a good source of carbohydrates? I am not talking about piss water like coors light and bud, but quality dark beers. I happen to drink a lot of black butte porter (brewed in bend oregon) and I was hoping somebody could help me nutritionally justify my love for beer.

Beer is great to use in a post-workout shake. Just put a pitcher’s worth in a blender and add the meat from one whole roasted chicken and blend. I’m not kidding. This is the same post-workout meal that Arnold S. used when he was training for his Olympias. Just ask Archaic, he’s a big fan of this meal.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 1997 Aug;21(5):792-8. Related Articles, Links

Studies on the time-course of ethanol’s acute effects on skeletal muscle protein synthesis: comparison with acute changes in proteolytic activity.

Alcohol slows protein synthesis. As seen in this study, 23% after 1 hour, and 64% after 24 hours. And to top it off, ethanlol increases estrogen through the up-regulation of the aromatase enzyme, lowers testosterone,increases cortisol and reduces free T3 levels.

I’d pass on the PWO alcohol/chicken shake.

Arnold was Arnold because he had great genes, made a living training hard and used lots of steroids, not because he sometimes drank a beer after training. Nothing wrong with an occasional beer but don’t pretend you’re doing your bodybuilding efforts any good.

Say what you will, but Archaic is a huge fan of this protocol. Just read the “Old School” thread in the photos section! :wink:

loopfit, sometimes i wonder what you are on…
Love beer, but feel no need to justify drinking it. I like so i will drink it.
The last year i have increased my weeky consumption of alcohol considerably and my physique is the worst it has ever been.
Cause and effect.
If i want to improve my physique or training i will have to reduce or eliminate the rediculous amount of beer i drink!